Saturday, February 16, 2008

I had a lead deficiency...

But I am feeling better now. Aaron, Steve and I headed out to Helmer this morning to put some lead in the air. It was nice. We saw a lot of deer tracks as well as some smaller varmint tracks that none of us knew. It is always nice to get out in nature, hike to a spot that is safe, set up some targets and squeeze a trigger. Makes me feel good. I really miss roping and riding, but sacrifices must be made.
By the way, I have the greatest wife, she sure is wonderful. On Valentines Day she decorated my carrel at school all up with hearts and candy and stuff. It made some of the fellas jealous and some of the gals decorated each other's carrel to feel good. She sure is great.
Speaking of which, today is the 16th and our anniversary is coming up. It has almost been a year since we got married! Wow, time sure does fly. The crazy thing about life is you get used to things being a certain way, and it is hard to imagine them any other way. I just don't think I could live without Olivia. What a woman. Sure, we have our problems, disagreements and stuff, but I just cannot imagine being here at this point in my life without her. She is definitely my better half. Just ask any of my friends, Liv keeps me in line and helps me be the man I am sure the Lord wants me to be. You just can't ask for more than that.
The pictures here are things that remind me that I am still a cowboy. There is a saying "If you really wanna forget all your troubles, take a walk in a pair of high-heeled boots." I am here to tell you, these boots are comfortable, you really do forget all your troubles. The revolver is my .357 Ruger Blackhawk . It is a nice six-shooter, pretty accurate and it was a heck of a deal.
I hope everyone is doing well. Keep a prayer in your hearts and don't forget my little family. We miss all our friends and we are thankful for all ya'll. Take care!

Monday, February 04, 2008

An Ounce of Attention is Worth a Pound of...

I haven't thought about what should go at the end of this sentence. I have no idea what is going on sometimes. So, I am hoping that everyone is doing well.
Had a lot of semi-sweet moments last week. Welcome to the world Reese Naylor. What a kid, Jake and Lindsay's newborn, cutest newborn I have ever seen. Face it, some of these littlins look like aliens, all squished and red. We visited the Naylors in the horsepistol. It was pretty neat.
Two fellas checked out of life, my great uncle, Don Wixom and a Prophet of God, Gordon Bitner Hinkley. Sad to lose the association with both men. That is the funny thing about life, we all get to leave, but we just don't get to leave together. That is why sometimes people are sad, at least, that is why I get a little sad when people die. It is not because they are "gone forever," because you and I both know they are not. They are gone from our association, but not forever. Think on that happy day when we will be reunited with all those who have passed before us. What a happy day!
I know we all go through rough times, but that is the point of this world. It isn't the Lone and Dreary World for nothing. The part to note is that it will get better. The Plan is called the Plan of Happiness! Not the plan of despair. We should be grateful for the trials and the growth that comes from them and move on, stronger and better. Some of you who have been around me know that my life isn't all charmed, but I would be blatantly foolish to say my life is "hard." I just am thankful that I have the trials and do and that I don't have the trials that I don't.
If anyone wants to go shoot anything anytime soon, lemme know. I wouldn't mind firing some rounds through the .357.
Make it a good day everyone!
May the Wind be at your back, the Sun shine on your face, and may the Good Lord take a liking to ya'll.
The picture is the moon in the morning on my way to school... Global Warming, gotta love it!