Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, I 'd have to say I am one lucky feller

I haven't been on here since last week cause I been traveling. I went on "tour" to help out with the IWUA's Pesticide Applicator's Recertification Workshops. Went home to Burley for the first one and slept in my bed at home for the first time in a month, soooo nice. That was Tuesaday. First meeting was on Wednesday. Good turnout and all. Then I loaded up with dad and Hooter and we went over to Filer to go ropin. Fun stuff, heck, I roped pretty fair for not being on a horse for over a month. A darn good friend gave me a ride over to Jerome, as I was staying in a HOTEL in JEROME (crazy, I know. I have never stayed in a hotel in Jerome, never needed to). Good trun out at the meeting in Jerome. Then off to Ada. Went to Nampa for the last of the meetings on Friday. I was sitting in the back of the room, dinkin around on my computer. Checked my email and saw one from LSAC (Law School Admissoins Council) and realized they had sent my test scores! I am not a complete moron, but I am far from being a legal smartee pants. I think with my grades I will be able to get into the Law School I am shooting for. Nice huh? Yeah.
I helped Riley paint his kitchen on Saturday. Looks pretty darn good if you ask me. Truth be told, I didn't really paint too much. Riley is a great painter. His kitchen looks great. Spent some quality time with Davis Annabelle and Adylyn. Good fun.
Hope all is well for everyone out there. I am doing well and having a good time, hope you are too!
Its okay, Huh... Yeah, Its okay....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yessir I believe that there is a Car wash...

Dad brought up a couple of horses to have finished by Barry Johnson. He picked up Kody from Interstate Feeders on Thursday and Kody was covered in manure. Not liquid or easily removed poop either, it was stick to your guns, pull out the hair on the hide, balled up tighter than a frog's butt manure.... So we took the horses into nearby Notus. However, the carwash there was out of order. Well, onto Caldwell. We found a nice car wash with hot water and commenced to washing. Took us about 2 hours, but we got it done (the owner of the wash stopped by and said he'd never seen it done, but said it was okay that we did, "those horses looked like they could use a bath). Horses looked great after that. I smelled like nasty manure. We proceeded home after dropping of the horses in Parma. On the way saw some hops Fields. Talk about neat! I don't drink beer or advocate the consumption thereof, but those hops Fields, even though they weren't growing were a sight to behold. Chad hooked me up on a blind date with a nice young lady. She seemed to be a bit shy, course it might've been me. Anyhow, we sat down to watch a movie after hot tubbing and 3/4 of the way through the movie I leaned over and said "You ever cuddled with a cowboy?" She said she hadn't. I then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to, to this her reply was a simple "No." I could take a hint, I backed off and watched Frank Hopkins win the great race. When the movie was over she lit out of there like she was on fire! No real goodnite, no phone number to exchange and she didn't look back! No, I am not ashamed or disappointed, I thought it was a good line and at least know what kind of girl it WON'T work on. Like I usually say, "Could be worse."
In other crazy news, I always have a way of picking the wrong time to say the right thing. Dadgummit. You'd think I could get a bit of better timing down, but heck, I am a team roper and not a genius, and I'd rather be lucky than good. Sometimes I just ain't as lucky as I would care to be.
That is why coming home is such a great thing. Home is my fortress of solitude, my hole in the wall and my place to just relax and rejuvenate. I am typing this in my home after sitting in a hot tub and letting all the stress in my body just leave my muscles. Felt sooo nice. It was cold out there, but I really couldn't feel it. Okay, no more rambling. I would just like to say, for what it's worth: Sometimes I can't accomplish everything I'd like to. I have my shortcomings and I would like everyone to know that I am responsible for the things in my life. I know that. Let me also say that just because right now, I can't do what I would really like to, doesn't mean that I won't do all that I can. Hey, it could be worse.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Reckon I should do a bit of clarification

I hope that everyone can see that this morning's post was a bit negative. I sure didn't want to come off that way. I want ya'll to know that I am doing pretty good, and I forgot to include some good things that happened this weekend. First off: spent quality time with mom and dad. That is priceless. Dad and I just about cooked ourselves in the hot tub, 109 is a bit too hot... Mom and I had ample time to chat. I got a chance to ride Tiny. Dangdest thing happened: I split my pants open right down the front. First pair that I bought when I got back from Japan. They lasted over two years (let's see some sissyfied city-boy pair of pants handle that much livin'!). Also had a heckuva good time with an old friend. You never know how much you miss somebody 'till thier gone. It was good to chill with a real good friend. We headed up to the mountains, saw a herd of deer in Albion and checked out the full moon from the lookout spot on the way up to Pomerrell. It was great to talk to a good friend. Sunday morning I got to go to church with Mom and Grandma Matthews. What a treat. I love my Grandma. Not only that but in Mom and Dad's ward I got to hear two great talks. I realized as I heard these talks why I am who I am: my mom and dad. They gave wonderful talks. Very uplifting, and I also got to sit next to Grandma Larsen. Good day, how can you beat going to church with your grandmas? Pretty tough. Hope all is well with ya'll and that the sun is smiling on your day. Good luck and God Bless.

Ropin is SOOO much easier than...

Just about anything. I have always said I'd rather be lucky than good. I still stand by this. I have consigned myself to the fact that it will be a heckuva lot easier for me to win the world roping than it will be for me to find a wife. I know you think this is crazy talk, but let's look at the facts: If I practice hard and get a better horse, I could perform better. That's not too tough to do. However, I have tried all sorts of stuff to find a nice girl, and I still am trying. It seems like I keep hitting the same wall. Like one of my brother's freinds said "I find a girl, she likes me but I do not care for her, then I see one I like and she cares nothing for me" (when you read it say it with a French accent, I can't remember if Sylvere is French or Swiss, but he spoke French). He was a bit older when he got married. I want you all to know that I am NOT obsessed with finding a wife, but it might be a bit better than bumming around trying to get dates. Back to the original premiss though: Roping is just easier to do. Yeah, I spend lots of time and money on my roping, but how often have I come home from a bad night of roping and wanted to never to it again? NONE!!! Why, because at least with the roping I know that I have a CHANCE at taking something home with me, like a check or a saddle or something!!! Okay, enough with the drivel... I am doing well. My truck is having a bit of a rough time (No, Linds, it isn't cause it's a Ford, but it could be something to do with the 180,000 miles on it, like Chris LeDoux says "It ain't the years, its the miles"). Life is realatively good. The more I look at the blessings in my life the more I realize that life ain't bad at all. I have a great family that loves and supports me, friends that are true and cheer me on in my pursuits and I know that Heavenly Father is watching over and taking care of me and guiding me to something good. I also know that I have the faith to make sure that I can get through it all. Remember folks: Pray like it all depends on Him and then get up and work like it all depends on you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have never felt so stoopid

Those of you who know me closely know that I am a fan of being somewhat educated, but I have never felt as dumb as I did on Saturday. What was Saturday? The LSAT. I know that I have a decent grasp of the English language and I am somewhat fluent in my speaking and writing abilities but I must be a retard when it comes to reading and comprehending information!!! I swear my brain just shut down about the third section or so. I hope that I never have to re-do the test, of course, Uncle Reed provided me with a word of advice and solace: The only other day you feel as dumb as you did on the day you took the LSAT is the day you get your scores back. 2月27日へ楽しみまっています。I am looking forward to Feb 27. Any way, after I took the test I called a good buddy and we headed out and went shotgun shooting. We bought a brick a piece and took a 12 gau., a 40mm, 356, .22 and girls with us. Good fun. I know I went through 80 shells, my shoulder is a smidgen sore, but it was a great way to unload my frustration. Oh yeah... Yesterday the legislature was quite entertaining, the constitutional amendment for the definition of marriage to be between a man and woman passed 53 to 17. A good debate and I was pleased with the outcome. I was not impressed with a comparison that one gal made that compared my religion with the gay/lesbian community in that the constitution shouldn't tell people what is and isn't marriage (for you who aren't Idaho History buffs, the Idaho constitution used to say that Celestial marriage, temple marriage, was not recognized by the State of Idaho and that those who entered therein could not have some rights that others enjoy. That was changed in 1982, and to make that kind of comparison is completely assinign!). Any how the measure is now going to be debated in the House, and I think that it will go through. A good moral victory for my home state. God Bless Idaho and America.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Some folks go a bit too far....

I chose not publish a comment that someone made on my blog, why? Because they didn't leave a name: if you have something to say KEEP IT CLEAN and RELATED and then leave your name with it. Any how....
It has been a while since I had the time to tell everyone what I have been doing... I attended the Idaho Water Users Assn. Water Conference. It was fantastic, for a conference it wasn't bad. You know you can always learn something! I have been helping get ready for another conference that we will be putting on for pesticide applicators. This one will be good and I will get to go home for a day or two. Then we'll head to Jerome and back to Nampa.
Mom told me that I was on TV the other night. I attended Norm Semanko's formal announcement for his running for Congress in the 1st District and the camera caught a glimpse of me. GO NORM!! Norm is a good man from what I know and the association I have had with him so far. Shoot I figure the more folks we have like him in the world the better off we'll be.
I would really like to throw a line out to all my friends that I kinda miss: you all know who you are and I hope all is well for you!