Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yessir I believe that there is a Car wash...

Dad brought up a couple of horses to have finished by Barry Johnson. He picked up Kody from Interstate Feeders on Thursday and Kody was covered in manure. Not liquid or easily removed poop either, it was stick to your guns, pull out the hair on the hide, balled up tighter than a frog's butt manure.... So we took the horses into nearby Notus. However, the carwash there was out of order. Well, onto Caldwell. We found a nice car wash with hot water and commenced to washing. Took us about 2 hours, but we got it done (the owner of the wash stopped by and said he'd never seen it done, but said it was okay that we did, "those horses looked like they could use a bath). Horses looked great after that. I smelled like nasty manure. We proceeded home after dropping of the horses in Parma. On the way saw some hops Fields. Talk about neat! I don't drink beer or advocate the consumption thereof, but those hops Fields, even though they weren't growing were a sight to behold. Chad hooked me up on a blind date with a nice young lady. She seemed to be a bit shy, course it might've been me. Anyhow, we sat down to watch a movie after hot tubbing and 3/4 of the way through the movie I leaned over and said "You ever cuddled with a cowboy?" She said she hadn't. I then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to, to this her reply was a simple "No." I could take a hint, I backed off and watched Frank Hopkins win the great race. When the movie was over she lit out of there like she was on fire! No real goodnite, no phone number to exchange and she didn't look back! No, I am not ashamed or disappointed, I thought it was a good line and at least know what kind of girl it WON'T work on. Like I usually say, "Could be worse."
In other crazy news, I always have a way of picking the wrong time to say the right thing. Dadgummit. You'd think I could get a bit of better timing down, but heck, I am a team roper and not a genius, and I'd rather be lucky than good. Sometimes I just ain't as lucky as I would care to be.
That is why coming home is such a great thing. Home is my fortress of solitude, my hole in the wall and my place to just relax and rejuvenate. I am typing this in my home after sitting in a hot tub and letting all the stress in my body just leave my muscles. Felt sooo nice. It was cold out there, but I really couldn't feel it. Okay, no more rambling. I would just like to say, for what it's worth: Sometimes I can't accomplish everything I'd like to. I have my shortcomings and I would like everyone to know that I am responsible for the things in my life. I know that. Let me also say that just because right now, I can't do what I would really like to, doesn't mean that I won't do all that I can. Hey, it could be worse.

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