Monday, August 28, 2006

True Friends...

I once heard a wise cowboy say that a true friend will ride with you 'till hell freezes over, and then a little ways onto the ice.

Lemme tell you, I have a good amount of friends that fit this catergory. Some of you are far away and some are right around the corner. Some of you have been my pal since diapers, 6th grade or High School Rodeo. Some of you haven't known me very long at all in our lives, but we fit together pretty good. Some of you I see all the time, some of you I haven't seen for years and some of you I won't see 'till I walk through the veil.

I just want to tell all of you: THANK YOU! You have supported me in all that I do, and told me I was foolish when the time was right.

The reason for all of this is because this past weekend was a neat trip for me. I traveled to Utah to go to Blake and Lillian's wedding. (Kinkin to Anchan: AISHITE IRU YO!) They were sealed in the Bountiful Temple. I would like to tell the world just how beautiful Temples are. It is the closest you can get to Heaven on earth.
Any how... It was neat to see two people so in love. You could just see the love between these two great people. I've known Blake for 5 years, he and I started and ended our missions together and we served together in a great town, Aizuwakamatsu. All of you who are my friends can thank Blake for teaching me how to be as nice as I am... Lillian I have only known for about half a year. I knew her first from Blake telling me about her on the phone. He told me she was a really nice girl. He was right. She is awesome to people. They show love to people and they bring out the good in each other and those around them. How neat is that?

It was good to travel around and see some new things. But it is noce to be home. The only bad thing is that I leave again soon. School starts the 5th...

Any how- To all my friends, old and new: Bless you and thank you for being there for me. I love you all.

-Yeah, It's okay... I love you!

Friday, August 18, 2006

We be travlin'

Another adventure brought to you by Big Mack and Bad A.

Bad A and I took off to Rexburg on Thursday night. Why? I think you all could guess... Well my buddy Jared needed some boxes to move with, and I hauled them up there. It also gave us the opportunity to stop over and go dancin'. Oh YEAH... I must make a disclaimer, before certain people say I am a "player." I most certainly am not out dancing to "get action." (I explained to Bad A that I started out dancing as a way to meet girls. HOWEVER, I was a bad dancer and the girls I was meeting thought I was a clutz, no dates resulted. I kept going, as I am a determined soul, that I could learn more how to dance. Over the years my skills have increased. Now I don't go dancing to get dates, I go to dance. Its a heck of a work out! I do enjoy making my partners work and they usually leave with a smile. Bad A pointed out to me that every girl he saw me dance with left with a smile on thier face. I must be doing something right... But I gotta keep practised up, 'cause I am sure that one of these days I will have the opportunity of dancing with one of my favorite partners -Yeah, It's okay.-)

So we danced up a storm. Bad A met some girls that will probably inspire him to travel to Rexburg to visit me while I complete my last semester. That is right, I only have ONE left! Wahoo! Sorry, I get a bit pumped up. I am glad I will finally have something to show for my time in the City of Ice.

I must say that I probably scared my future roomates with my current look. I visited the place that will be my home for the next four months. The door was open and I just walked in like I own the place. The kid that was there looked at me like I was nuts (no one is debating that...). I told him and the manager, who showed up in a few minutes, not to worry because they wouldn't recognize me the next time they see me. I will be clean shaven... Not really looking forward to that, but all good things must end...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


If this is read by someone today, know that this is meant for you. I had some crazy things happen this week and I didn't make it to the post. I will today or tomorrow and I will be including some proof that I do exist. You know, like photos or something. I hope you are having a wonderful day and that all is well.
Take care. Youve Oil. (Thats an anagram... see if you can solve it.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to grow up?

I am the uncle to 9 of the greatest kids in the world. Each has their own tastes, ideas, thought processes, fears hopes and dreams. They are so very unique. Each has a spot in my heart. I try not to play favorites to them, and I hope I am just in my treatment. It is hard to treat all of them as nice as the youngest Larsen, Clancy. He doesn't ever back talk and he loves to be around me. Of course, he is not yet 2 and cannot talk and he just wants to be put to sleep.
The point of all of this is that I have been the only single member of my family for 8 years. They are starting to look at me funny. Granted I am only 23. But some in my family are worried. Their worry is perhaps well-founded as I consistently make choices that seem immature and frivolous. I often choose to throw my money at steers, chasing the dream of making a little money in the rodeo world. I also do things at a whim that none of them can do. I jump in my truck and go places just to look at something I haven't seen before. Some call this Peter Pan Complex.
I would like to tell you I am NOT Peter Pan! I am taking advantage of a what I would call a great situation. You see, it lies in my theory of life: "Families are eternal. But you can only rope for so long..." Trust me, one day I will grow up. I plan on it. I am making choices, albeit behind the scenes, that are "big people choices." I am going to graduate from college soon. I am preparing to enter law school. I am taking a couple of financial risks that I hope will pay off, and none of them involve cards, horses or pyramid schemes. I am working on creating relationships that will be lasting and prove fruitful one day, not only in marriage, but by keeping friends close that will one day aid me in becoming the man I believe that I am destine to become. That is another one of the mottos I live by: "It ain't what you know, it's who you know." That has a deeper meaning than just what is on the surface. Think of the scripture that tells you what eternal life is.
Anyhow, lemme tell all of you thanks for keeping tabs on me and what is going on. Truth be told, I think things are just ducky. One day it'll all work out. Until then I just need to be patient.
Its' okay, huh?