Sunday, November 27, 2011

Partially hydrogenated brain...

The problem with running a small business, being a lawyer and having a small family is that sometimes I forget things, because the ole' noggin is just too full. The one thing I do not forget is that I have family and friends who love and care about us. We really are blessed beyond measure.
To kinda fill y'all in on what's been up lately: I had a felony jury trial that I was preparing for (I kept thinking "this really is a case that shouldn't be tried" until, at the last possible moment, we settled on a misdemeanor). That preparation really takes it out of me, its on my mind all the time and generally I get unhinged a little (just ask my office staff, they thought I was gonna shoot someone!).
Olivia has been getting the hang of being a mom to two kids. She does a great job! She has a lot to put up with, as sometimes I am here but not available, mentally. She is really enjoying her time on the design team for Keepsake Cottage. I give her a lot of guff, but I really am glad that she does it. I didn't know that I had married such a creative woman. She brings a lot of class to my life. The other night I mentioned to her that we should take up a hobby that we could both do together. She replied "You should learn how to do art." My reply was "You should learn to head. Then we could rope together." Oh well...
Harrison has been learning and growing. What a cheese ball! He is really fun to hang out with. He watches Ice Age ("Aiseage"), Toy Story 3 ("Sory"), The Cowboys ("Kaabys"), Ratatouille ("Tooey"), Wally ("Waee") and Dan in Real Life ("Dan"). He loves hanging out with grandparents, and plays no favorites, which is nice, he goes to everyone equally. One of the neatest things I have seen so far was Harrison climbed into the chair with Grandpa Brent and both of them fell asleep. They where snoring in concert... Probably my favorite thing about being the father to Harrison is putting him to sleep: he'll snuggle up with me and say "Kaabys songs." Which means he wants me to sing some cowboy songs. "Little Joe the Wrangler" is one of his favorites, along with "Streets of Laredo," and "Git Along Little Doggies."
One thing he is doing that makes me chuckle is wearing a hat that is clearly too big for him. He runs all over the house with it, adjusting it as needed. It is probably hazardous, as he runs into the walls and other parts of the house, but it is funny.
Baby Sis is growing and starting the gyrations common to her age. She is getting the army shuffle down, she will scoot clear out of her blankets and into the corner of her crib. Once she is at the corner she will scream and holler because she can't go further. She is a people watcher! She will stare you down and watch every move. She watches Big Brother and Mommy from across the room, she's even stared at me on occasion. She really is a good baby, and according to Olivia, she sleeps about 7 to 8 hours a night. I sleep through most everything now, so I am not the one who knows.
Well, I hope all y'all are doing well and staying safe. Until next time: May the Sun shine on your face, the Wind be at your back, and may the Good Lord take a liking to ya!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I mentioned last Spring that I was chosen to be a designer for our local scrapbook stores Design Team. I also mentioned that my work would start to pop up on posts, but as we know, that hasn't happened. So I'm here to remedy that.

*I'm sorry for the poor lighting in most of the photos. I'm still trying to better my skills and understand all the lingo/settings, so please bear with me :)

The first 3 are the samples I submitted for the call.

A mini album created to fix inside an Apple iPhone box.

A cute little book with blank pages inside. The pages are sewn together in groups of three, and then adhered to the book cover.