Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been a long week. Does anybody else feel that way?
Ugh. So glad it's almost over. Today, however, was great! Mac took the boy for the afternoon while I went to a little women's conference with the other ward. It was uplifting, hopeful, funny, filling (with lots of food, too) and all around enjoyable. The best part? My friend Kylie from high school who I haven't seen since graduation was there! Ack! So excited! We commenced chatting and almost talked right through the last talk. She is such a sweet gal, and has such a creative and thoughtful heart. It was sooo good!

I spent my week watching lots of movies and snuggling with Harrison. We haven't been feeling well. The flu bug is going around, so we (Harrison and I) basically quarantined ourselves and left only for the basics like milk and apples. I really do not want to get sick, nor have a sick child. And honestly, staying at home for days at a time was mostly enjoyable, although we did get a little cabin fever. I didn't do my hair, or put amy makeup on. The housework was minimal and it didn't bother me much that it was messy. But next time I think I'll just take lots more Vitamin C. It was great to not have errands or other items to attend to, but staying inside for that long drives everybody bonkers. The really bad thing is I didn't exercise much and now I feel lethargic and sluggish. I get out of breath walking up and down the stairs, but that's because I'm holding H-bomb. He has this thing where he wants to be a big boy and walk up and down the stairs while holding my hand. I guess the rail is too high? Anyway, I understand that it's important to help them be independent and encourage them to be proactive, but I get so impatient. Especially on our basement stairs because they are steep and narrow, and makes independent stair travel difficult for Harrison. So naturally he enlists my help. I almost patiently wait for him to take the first two steps, then the third, and by the fourth I've had it. I either pick him up or leave him to get there alone. Great parenting, huh?
Buuuutt, let's be honest. I really am out. of. shape.
Sad day.

Poor McCord has been working lots of long hours, and seems a bit stressed out. My only reply is that maybe it's time to go to the temple again. We had calming answers the last time we went. As soon as we can locate a babysitter, and the temple reopens, we are there.

My little babe fell asleep with me on the couch, so I left him there. He was so sweet and serene, I just couldn't bring myself to move him. Unfortunately that was a bad idea. All week he would get his horse and blanket and crawl up on the couch asking for milk. He seems to think that's his new nap time routine.

I know the focus is bad, but his hair was SUPER static-y. These dang couches create all sorts of static electricity and then shock the heck outta ya. It's getting to be very annoying.

I am finally remembering all the new words H-bomb is saying, so here they are: howse, milk, boot, yummy, candy, gum (or yum), coat, bum, poop, yuck, oh no, oo go? (as in 'where'd it go' complete with gestures), baby, howrse, kitty, puppy, the occasional amen, bootk, ah some? and a few others. Can you tell what we love at our house? Sweets and potty talk. Yup, we are starting the vocabulary and conscious realizations of bowel movements. He's had some constipation, so this has really helped us.

Harrison is attacking so I must retire to defend myself.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week 2

This is Sapphie. She was my kitty as a child. Unfortunately she had to be put down this week. I cried. Now before you go thinkin' I'm silly and a bit crazy, let me tell you about her. A good friend found her in the parking lot at work abused and abandoned. We took her in and a few months later she had kittens! Yay! We kept them around for a few years and even moved them across the country with us (New Hampshire to Idaho). And there she has stayed. She survived the evil neighbor's cat killings, five pesky children and their friends, and numerous other cats we adopted. She was one tough kitty. And smart, figuring out how to open doors and food packages, avoid the house during all hours of the day, and keeping the local mouse, bird, and squirrel populations at bay.
I know most people find cats annoying and downright useless *McCord*, but she was 14 years old, healthy, and active up until about a year ago. And she had the coolest lime green eyes! Plus, my first word was kitty. I spent the first years of my life chasing and terrorizing cats until their untimely deaths. Except for Sapphie. She managed to escape my wrath.
Goodbye Kitty.

H-bomb has learned some new words, but rarely says them. He has also started to fold his arms for prayers again, which makes a momma proud. I just don't understand why he stopped in the first place. But he's back at it and we are happy. He loves to help me clean and often pulls out the Lysol wipes or baby wipes to help with everything, including cardboard boxes and his clothes. It gets smeared across the couches, windows and mirrors, toys, chairs, cards, floors, doors, cupboards, etc. He loves to put the dryer sheet in the dryer and close the door. I think this is my favorite of all, except when he closes the door before everything is in, or out. We're both learning patience. He frequently takes his diaper off, even in public, loves toilet water, and all things that go Vrroom, bang, or boom. What a boy.

He fell asleep with the stick of jerky still in his mouth while en route to Boise two weeks ago. Baby son and I went to spend some time with my mom and Reed. We did lots of shopping and eating! I brought P & P with me to watch, but as fate would have it I left the second disk at home. Huge bummer. Reed was the greatest guy! He followed us around all the days and watched Harrison while we tried on clothes. No complaining or whining, just as long as he choose the food. Simple and easy to please. We had a great time.

McCord is working, and that is all he has to say. He's also been helping with Cody the horse. You see, he also has a brother named Cody, so it's important to be specific. The horse's hoof got an infection in the hoof wall and it swelled half way up his leg. The vet lanced and drained it, but the sore is continually swelling and draining, so the bandages must be frequently changed. Gross.

I have been chasing the boys, and enjoying much Pride and Prejudice, the Colin Firth version. We also visit my Grandparents quite a bit. Grandpa Mark has had some health issues that landed him in the ICU for nearly three weeks. Then they moved him to Park View Rehab Center, where he stayed for a week. And he finally came home this week. He's very medicated and weak, but we're hoping Grandma can whip him back into shape soon. It's been very stressful for her, and I think they are setting up home hospice care soon. My Aunt June is visiting from Washington for a while to help with all the transitions. It's been so fun laughing with her.

We spent the weekend in Boise for our nephew's baptism. I just love going to baptisms and being reminded of my experience. It was by no means great, nor do I remember a lot. But I love sharing the Spirit with them, and experiencing the growth and changes with them and their families.
H-bomb did not much care for sleeping in the toy closet while we were there. Don't worry, the closet it just shy of a small bedroom. He woke up screaming a few times, mostly because it was freezing in the room. After waking up several times, we brought him into bed with us. BAD idea. He kicked, punched and rolled all over us while taking away our precious blankets. We froze. He slept. All on a couch pull out bed. I am quite looking forward to our TempurPedic tonight.
Mac took Riley, his brother, shooting and brought along the Mag Research 45/70 revolver, and the Ruger Single Six. Mac will entertain you on the details later.
After the baptism and luncheon, Riley's wife Allison, took all the ladies to a new home decor boutique in Star called The Umbrella Bird. They have some great stuff! And best of all, it's very reasonably priced. A large china hutch was under $600 and made of real wood! All of their furniture pieces are made from wood reclaimed from old barns in Pennsylvania. If you live the Ada county, or visit, go see this place. It's not large by any means, but they do have some unique pieces for good prices. I bought two glass cake stands for under $30. And both have beautiful details.

In most recent news, our ward boundaries have changed. It seems to happen everywhere we go, usually after we've settled for a while. I understand that there is something to be learned and appreciated about these things, but can't we just stay in one ward for awhile? I just want things to stay the same for a while. Does anybody else feel this way? McCord suggested we move to Grouse Creek, but there is no way I am moving out there. Just see if you can find it on the satellite map. And then look how far away it is from any other town. No way Jose. Not gunna do it. We retained some friends and neighbors. Mac is just happy we're not in the same ward as the city prosecutor (he lives in the other ward). They are not the best of friends. Overall, I think it should be okay. A house we have thought about is now in our ward boundaries, so maybe this will be a good thing.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year. Yahoo. We're not much for resolutions because in Mac's opinion, if there's something you want to change, just do it. You shouldn't have to wait for a New Year. And of course, this is cowboy philosophy from Hoggie (pronounced like the sandwich), an old ropin' buddy and neighbor.
In light of all that, I would like to announce that my determination for this year is to be a better record keeper. I think if I start blogging once a week, I should get most things covered, right? Right. And Harrison's scrapbook is about halfway done, so I want to be caught up by his birthday in May. Simple, and accomplishable.

The baby son is telling us 'no' and 'no'. You see, he has yes and no confused. It all depends on his tone. Sometimes it's yes, and others its no. Usually he will sign please if it's a yes. Then I know to proceed. But even then it's a struggle. His words are coming along, although it takes a week to finally understand what he's saying. I love that little stinkbug.

He LOOOVES blocks, in all forms. While making chocolates a few weeks ago, he emptied out the bottom shelves from the pantry and began stacking all the items one on top of the next. And even better, he unstacked them and put them back on the shelves. Yes! The kid is so smart! Unfortunately the cleaning experience did not last long, and I now have to drag him through the living room while he "puts" his toys away (read: throws them at me in anger). Oiy. This could be a long night.
Once we discovered his new fascination I emptied most of his toys in preparation for his Christmas Legos. I think I shall take the remaining toys and hide them. He just dumps them out and scatters them across the house. The Legos are all that matter. It's serious business, yo.
We still read quite a bit, and can even spend up to an hour going through his most favorites: Rainbow Rob, That's not My Reindeer, Red Tractor, The Foot Book, But Not the Hippopotamus and all other Sandra Boyton stories, Goodnight Johnny Tractor (it glows in the dark!), and anything relating to the farm or animals. I love it when I find him reading to himself. It makes a momma proud.

The other night we took a drive out to a house near Rock Creek to see all the lights. It is AH-mazing! Thousands of light and animated characters. Santa was even there with candy canes and Ho-Ho-Ho's. This welcomes you as you walk down towards the scenery.

The pretty Angel

A string of cowboy lights. Some others were martini glasses, cheeseburgers and fries, Coke glasses, farm animals, shotgun shells, guns, Pillsbury Dough Boy, etc. There were a LOT of these string lights.

Here are a few poorly done video's of our adventure. The first one is the house. It was COVERED. Top to Bottom. And I should mention, that these photo's and movie were taken with Mac's iPhone, thus the poor quality and small screen. Just watch it a couple times to see all the characters on the roof.

Oh, and they have a camel! He doesn't much care for the flash. But you can feed him a carrot. He's very friendly, and quite large, and is about to celebrate his twelfth birthday! Happy Birthday, Camel!

We had an excellent time, although both of us were exhausted. He had helped his parents rip out the kitchen and wall to remodel, and I had watched two kids from our ward who just welcomed twin girls a few weeks ago. The little boy and the twins are 18 mo's apart. Yikes. And they were in no way planned. Poor momma. But she looks fabulous and even wears makeup. Seriously my hero. But their 6 yr. old was a huge help, and actually took more energy to entertain than the two 19 mo. olds. She told me at church that she wants to come to my house again. I told her it's a date.

Well that's Larsen Land for December. Oh, I guess there is Christmas. Here's the breakdown: Christmas Eve Day Mac had to meet with a client while I gathered my wits for the weekend. Christmas Eve was spent eating lots of food with both families. Christmas Day we opened gifts at our house. From there we went to mi madre's to open gifts and eat brunch. Thence to the Larsen's to open gifts. And on to my great g-ma's for early dinner and an evening of self indulgence. I think I'm still full. We had a great time visiting and eating, laughing, eating, and eating some more. But I'm so glad that's over, and we shall never celebrate like that again. One day with one side, the next with the other. That was just ridiculous. And I'm still exhausted. Sunday I substituted in Primary while the chorister prepped for surgery. Christmas should never be on Saturday, especially when we had 9 am church. So let it be written; so let it be done. (Name that movie).

Addios, muchachos.