Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year. Yahoo. We're not much for resolutions because in Mac's opinion, if there's something you want to change, just do it. You shouldn't have to wait for a New Year. And of course, this is cowboy philosophy from Hoggie (pronounced like the sandwich), an old ropin' buddy and neighbor.
In light of all that, I would like to announce that my determination for this year is to be a better record keeper. I think if I start blogging once a week, I should get most things covered, right? Right. And Harrison's scrapbook is about halfway done, so I want to be caught up by his birthday in May. Simple, and accomplishable.

The baby son is telling us 'no' and 'no'. You see, he has yes and no confused. It all depends on his tone. Sometimes it's yes, and others its no. Usually he will sign please if it's a yes. Then I know to proceed. But even then it's a struggle. His words are coming along, although it takes a week to finally understand what he's saying. I love that little stinkbug.

He LOOOVES blocks, in all forms. While making chocolates a few weeks ago, he emptied out the bottom shelves from the pantry and began stacking all the items one on top of the next. And even better, he unstacked them and put them back on the shelves. Yes! The kid is so smart! Unfortunately the cleaning experience did not last long, and I now have to drag him through the living room while he "puts" his toys away (read: throws them at me in anger). Oiy. This could be a long night.
Once we discovered his new fascination I emptied most of his toys in preparation for his Christmas Legos. I think I shall take the remaining toys and hide them. He just dumps them out and scatters them across the house. The Legos are all that matter. It's serious business, yo.
We still read quite a bit, and can even spend up to an hour going through his most favorites: Rainbow Rob, That's not My Reindeer, Red Tractor, The Foot Book, But Not the Hippopotamus and all other Sandra Boyton stories, Goodnight Johnny Tractor (it glows in the dark!), and anything relating to the farm or animals. I love it when I find him reading to himself. It makes a momma proud.

The other night we took a drive out to a house near Rock Creek to see all the lights. It is AH-mazing! Thousands of light and animated characters. Santa was even there with candy canes and Ho-Ho-Ho's. This welcomes you as you walk down towards the scenery.

The pretty Angel

A string of cowboy lights. Some others were martini glasses, cheeseburgers and fries, Coke glasses, farm animals, shotgun shells, guns, Pillsbury Dough Boy, etc. There were a LOT of these string lights.

Here are a few poorly done video's of our adventure. The first one is the house. It was COVERED. Top to Bottom. And I should mention, that these photo's and movie were taken with Mac's iPhone, thus the poor quality and small screen. Just watch it a couple times to see all the characters on the roof.

Oh, and they have a camel! He doesn't much care for the flash. But you can feed him a carrot. He's very friendly, and quite large, and is about to celebrate his twelfth birthday! Happy Birthday, Camel!

We had an excellent time, although both of us were exhausted. He had helped his parents rip out the kitchen and wall to remodel, and I had watched two kids from our ward who just welcomed twin girls a few weeks ago. The little boy and the twins are 18 mo's apart. Yikes. And they were in no way planned. Poor momma. But she looks fabulous and even wears makeup. Seriously my hero. But their 6 yr. old was a huge help, and actually took more energy to entertain than the two 19 mo. olds. She told me at church that she wants to come to my house again. I told her it's a date.

Well that's Larsen Land for December. Oh, I guess there is Christmas. Here's the breakdown: Christmas Eve Day Mac had to meet with a client while I gathered my wits for the weekend. Christmas Eve was spent eating lots of food with both families. Christmas Day we opened gifts at our house. From there we went to mi madre's to open gifts and eat brunch. Thence to the Larsen's to open gifts. And on to my great g-ma's for early dinner and an evening of self indulgence. I think I'm still full. We had a great time visiting and eating, laughing, eating, and eating some more. But I'm so glad that's over, and we shall never celebrate like that again. One day with one side, the next with the other. That was just ridiculous. And I'm still exhausted. Sunday I substituted in Primary while the chorister prepped for surgery. Christmas should never be on Saturday, especially when we had 9 am church. So let it be written; so let it be done. (Name that movie).

Addios, muchachos.

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