Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Groundhog Day???

One of my favorite movies, you can't help but love Bill Murray. But if it weren't for the love of my life keeping things interesting, I would have a rough time telling what day is which. You see, I am checking out dehumidifiers that a friend bought from China, they are all supposed to have leaks... Not so... Any how, there are fifty of them and I have been checking them out, kinda three at a time, the same thing over and over. However, I have had some great days.
Christmas was great. I got some sweet Nihon teki gifts. It was pretty neat. You have got to love having family and friends that understand who you really are. I am one lucky fellow. I just can't get over that.
Actually went skiing for the first time in a while last night. Went with Bad-A and the Brothers Preston. (Olivia went shopping with her family...) I had a sweet time. I am even thinking about getting a new pair of skis, you know, if you don't have the equipment, it is hard to get to the mountain to go. I found a sweet package deal from the local ski shop for a couple hundred bucks, Atomic flex bindings, and Atomic skis. Pretty nice, but it is hard to justify buying skis, you know?
I guess you have got to have something to do when its too darn cold to rope.
I am looking forward to having some of the family home this week. The 30th is Davis's birthday, the 31st is Riley's, Justin's is the 29th, Risa's is today and Jay's is the 1st of January. Crud, March must be a busy month. (Wink wink...)
Anyhow, hope that where ever you are, life is good and all is well.

Monday, December 18, 2006


That's right kiddies: McCord is graduating! I have two more finals, one tonight at 5:50 and another at 7:00am. I am as happy as a pig in poop. I just would like to say, to those who thought I might not make it: Thank you. It was your attitude and smugness that made me say: I will succeede. Now, granted, I am not done with school yet. Three more years to get my J.D. But I will do it! Yahoo! Love it!

Monday, December 11, 2006



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Breaking News...

Last night in the Applebea's Parking Lot in Pocatello, Idaho-after watching the team roping of the 6th round of the National Finals Rodeo-I got down on my knee and asked Olivia to marry me. She said she wasn't busy so it'd be okay... Just kidding, she caught her breath and then said "Yes!" More news to follow, and the saga of the Hemet Trip will continue..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hemmet Bound! PART ONE

We rolled out of Rexburg on Thursday, destination Hemmet CA. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. We had to make a quick stop in Idaho Falls to take a core for a tranny in to get the core charge for Virgil. He just replaced his tranny and it would be four hundred dollars that he'd loose if he didn't take the core to where he bought the new tranny. We pulled into Idaho Transmission Warehouse and explained to the folks that we wanted to get the core charge, but Virgil wanted to get the old tranny checked out, if it was worth it to fix it, he'd have it fixed so he could have it as a spare. This request sent the whole office into an uproar. They had to get everyone that was involved in the paper trail and ask them what to do. What should have been a fifteen minute stop turned into a hour long detour. Finally Virgil decided to leave, in disgust.
Back on the road. We headed down to Burley to pick up some road supplies that my mom had purchsed for our little adventure. Mom is great, she bought sixteen 32oz. bottles of Gatorade, boxes of Goldfish crackers, apples, granola bars and some rice cakes. Somehow the ricecakes and the granola bars didn't end up in the truck. She also had some burgers in a bag waiting for us. I decided to grab some other supplies at the local Ace Hardware. We got a couple of flashlights and I decided to get a 3/8 inch drill bit. I don't know why, but I thought it would be a good thing to have.
With our purchases and dinner loaded and ready to run, we hit the freeway, en route to Gooding. The reason for going to Hemmet in the first place was that Virgil drives a rig know as a "hotshot" rig. It is just a normal pickup, but he hauls laden trailers (new trailers that are going from the factory to a dealership). There is a dealership in Hemmet and they wanted a couple of trailers from Gooding. Gooding is the home to Kiefer Built, a trailer company. Virgil hauls the trailers for the dealer and gets paid on a per mile basis. This is why we were headed to Hemmet. Of course, there is more to that reason. The other part of the reason is that we wanted to go to the National Finlas Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. It just so happens that I-15, the best way to get to Southern California from Idaho goes right through Las Vegas. We would have to pass through there twice, why not stop on the way down, or back, to watch the rodeo? Sounded like a good idea to us, thus the adventure.
We pulled into Gooding at 8:30 PM. We had a hitch that we had to attach to one of the trailers so that we could pull doubles (one trailer right behind the other). That is why I had been inspired to bring the 3/8" drill bit. We measured the hitch attachment and I comenced to drill. The next three and a half hours would show just how resourceful we were. My drill died half way through the first hole. Who did we know in Gooding that could provide a drill? As we thought of people, my phone rang, it was my dad calling to see where we were in our journey. I explained the situation and asked him who we know in Gooding. It just happens that one of his cousins, Lanna, and her husband, Larry, lived in Gooding. I called them and asked thier help. Our family is not the most tight knit, but we help each other, and they came to the rescue. Unfourtunatley the drills they brought gave up thier ghosts before the job was all the way done. Luckily, Virgil had a friend from his equitation class whose parents live just south of Gooding and have a nicely equipped shop. We thanked Lanna and Larry for their help and hooked up the lead trailer to head for the shop.
The shop was sweet. I have never been so thankful to see a corded drill in all my life. We drilled the needed holes and attached all the parts that would allow us to hook on to the trailer. It was now midnight. We went back to the Kiefer Built lot and hooked on to the second trailer. We thought we were home free and good to go. Never count your chickens before they get squished by the tires...

Monday, November 27, 2006

If think too hard:

You could have an annurism. Not really. It ain't too big of a deal. I just can't get over how interesting life is. I turned in my term paper today. I am quite stoked. This paper actually has more of my thoughts in it than any other paper that I have written has ever had. OKAY, so I will continue this hanashi later...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Once again, Willie Nelson takes care of what ails you...

To all the girls I've loved before
Who travelled in and out my door
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the girls I've loved before
To all the girls I once caressed
And may I say I've held the best
For helping me to grow
I owe a lot I know
To all the girls I've loved before
The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away
To all the girls who shared my life
Who now are someone else's wives
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the girls I've loved before
To all the girls who cared for me
Who filled my nights with ecstasy
They live within my heart
I'll always be a part
Of all the girls I've loved before
The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away
To all the girls we've loved before
Who travelled in and out our doors
We're glad they came along
We dedicate this song
To all the girls we've loved before
To all the girls we've loved before
Who travelled in and out our doors
We're glad they came along
We dedicate this song
To all the girls we've loved before

I want to thank Willie for this song. It is true. Now don't get too hung up on some of the lyrics, just realize that I have been blessed to know some pretty choice young ladies. Great and wonderful choice daughters of God. Each one has taught me different lessons and made me a better man. I am no worse for the wear. I could probably go through and list all the things that I have learned, but it would be an extensive list and then people would get lost and think I was less than the sum of my parts.

To all of you, just know that you have made my life sweeter than I could have ever imagined. I ask myself why Heavenly Father has seen fit to bless me. I reckon it comes down to a fella hadn't ought to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Anyhow, if I was going to pick sumthin for Thanksgiving to be thankful for I would have to say all of my relationships, past, present, dead, alive, hot and cold. So "Thank You."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sometimes you just can't help it...

I am working on a paper for Poly Sci 300. It is quite the gem. I realize that it is occupying my thoughts more than most things, even roping... That is crazy. I would like to say that I am still alive, even if it is with a HUGE GINORMOUS headache. But, oh well. I swear one day I will catch up with what is going on...

Monday, October 23, 2006

I swear I am not that OLD!

Yesterday I sat in a chapel in Oakley. I had been in the chapel before, but never had I felt so old. I was there to hear a friend say goodbye before he leaves to serve the Lord in Independence Missouri. He did a wonderful job speaking, and the meeting was quite uplifting. The funny thing is that he is one of my school chum's little brothers, so the kids in the crowd were mostly younger. The best part is that I can remember seeing a lot of those kids in diapers! That made me feel old, but I also felt the wonder that I felt almost six years ago, sitting in that same chapel. Were is my life going? What am I doing? These questions can be answered pretty easily, but there is still so much to them that I just don't know. It made me a bit trepidacious. At the time I knew the answers to those questions, graduate, go serve a mission and then get to college. Now I am getting ready to graduate from college and I feel that smae wide-eyed wonder. I know some of the answers, and a bit about the journey, but I still get butterflies in my tummy.

Oh, well. I am tough. The other thought I had was that there were people that were in that room that remember me in diapers, so it isn't that bad. I had to laugh when I introduced myself to a brother there whose son was good friends with my older sister. He didn't really recognize me, but as soon as I introduced myself he remembered me. He told me that I had grown, it happens.

I guess what I am getting at is that I feel so strange sometimes. I am caught in an interesting time in my life's history. There is so much to come, but I feel like I have seen so much. What a wonderful blessing. I get to write the story of my life right now, I am in control of that story and how it plays out. Granted I cannot control everything, but I know that I can do what I can. I reckon that is all a feller can ask some days.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2 Brand New Songs

I used iTunes and downloaded a couple of brand new songs. They remind me of B-town and I actually got a bit teary eyed. Cause I am gonna stay 18 forever, and I got a twenty dollar bill that says no one has ever seen you without make-up. Booyah, Just a snippet, but props to Bad A, Champ, the PASB, water skiing and cliff jumping. K, there goes the tear...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Cute Kids Part II

This is Clancy with Grandma. He is Davis' little brother. He was sad to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house! Posted by Picasa

Cute Kids Part I

This is Davis. He is one funny little fella, chek out the boots outside the P.J.s. This is Riley's boy. Posted by Picasa


I am actually learning things at college. I know that should be an obvious statement, but sometimes I feel like I am gaining stupidity. Today was not one of those days. I more than one thing happened that shows me that I am gaining in brains. We were talking about absolute truths in political science and applying the scientific method to prove these truths. In the "hard" sciences you can prove truths by performing experiments on a hypothesis and recording results. These experiments should be replicable.
As we discussed this, I had a revelation for myself. The reason it is more difficult to see how things will go, all other things being equal, in society, is that in hard sciences there are laws that the organisms must obey. They must because that is their nature. Man and countries have no absolute rules on this earth, only agency. The ability to choose what will be done. Granted, consequences are never up to the person who performs the act. There is more to what I am saying, and I would expand, but I think it would best be understood on a one to one basis.
I hope that those of you reading this are doing well. I understand how bleak things can be. Life seems so hard and tough. Things go wrong, like I say, "It happens." Just remember that somewhere out there in Idaho a cowboy thinks the world of you. Have faith in your beliefs and doubt your doubts. It's okay, huh?

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Friday, September 29, 2006

IT happens

For those of you who don't know ropin' lingo, I apologize and I will try to esplain this so's you understand. (It's okay, huh?)
I went down to Pocatello Thursday night to rope. I hauled Simba, Reed's pony, down in a two horse strait load trailer that I borrowed. He loads real nice into it and had no problems. I thought I would stop by and pick up Will, the horse I was to haul back to Iceburg, before heading to the roping. Will has never been in a strait load (the little old two-horse trailers that only poor college kids use), and I wanted him to see it in the day. He didn't want any part of loading in there. He put his front feet in and then freaked out, hit his head on the roof and he jerked back. Of course, I was holding the lead rope, and it zipped through my hand at a high rate of speed. Burned like a sunuvagunn. I said a few choice words about his parents and their marital status, and I tried again. This went on for about 15 minutes, all to no avail. The roping started at seven so I thought I had better get going.
Got to the roping, but dad wasn't there from Burley yet, so I watched what was going on, and got us entered. I roped pretty good in the first round, made it back with two fellas. I woulda made it back with three, but I missed my dallies with one guy and let the steer go. (The way a roping works, if it is a draw jackpot, most of the time, is that you enter like 5 times. So they pair you up with 5 other people. You rope in the first round with all 5. If you catch a steer in the first round, you get to rope in the second round with that same partner. If you catch the second you get to go on to the third. Last night's roping was a three steer average, so if you caught all three in good time, you'd get a check-money-).
The second round I missed for Harold and legged up (caught the steer by one leg -which adds 5 a five-second penalty-) for Gary. That meant I only got to come back to the third round with one guy, Gary. There were only 18 teams in the 3rd round and we were 12th. That might not sound good, but considering they were paying 5 places, I thought we had a decent chance. Well, the only way to get a check is to rope that last steer. I missed. Dadgumm. Dad missed with his partner as well, so no money for the Larsen Family. I'd like to say that was the worst part of my night, but that was only 8:45 pm, and I still had to load Will and head back to Rexburg.
When I got back in the truck I checked my phone for messages, but my screen wasn't working. That happens every now and then, so I thought I'd just turn it off and back on, to reset it. Nope, that didn't work. I flipped the phone out of my hands in disgust. Then I heard it snap in half. CRAP! Yeah, that'll cost me a Benjamin to replace.
Then to load Will was pretty much impossible. He would get close and then rear back and freak out. Not cool.
Friday was equally frustrating as I forgot to do some of my homework and I was deathly tired and sore from the night before.
On Saturday I was at home, sweet home, in Burley. Through use of the front end loader on the tractor I was gonna help Mom pick some fruits out of the tops of the trees. I filled the hydraulic resivour and fired up the tractor. I flipped the PTO switch to get the bucket moving. I was in the middle of raising the bucket and then I heard a WHOOSH. The supply hose from the resivoir to the hydraulic pump had come off and the fluid was promptly draining out, at a high rate of speed. Simple fix, sort of. I just put new hose clamps on and filled it back up with new fluid. The bad part was that the pump has supports to keep it from spinning around (since it's PTO driven), and the supports had broken off. That is what caused the hose to come off in the first place. Dad is going to have to fix that one, cause Saturday afternoon is not the time to do such things, least not when things are closed down.
I was then getting ready to go to Priesthood Session. Mom needed some trash hauled, so I took the burn barrel into town. When I got back I noticed I was leaking more radiator fluid than normal. Sure enough, I had a hole in my radiator hose. No P.S. for me. I had to change the hose before Sunday. Good times.
The point of all this is that sometimes things happen. Life ain't always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride. It ain't so bad. It could have been lots worse and a bigger bummer of a weekend. Probably the reason it wasn't too bad was twofold: 1)It was General Conference, and I learned a lot and 2)When somebody loves you, life ain't too bad at all. (I hope you had a Happy Birthday!) Yeah, it's okay.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh, Yeah

Basically, what we have here are two fine looking gentlemen. This is Blake and I on his wedding day. I think we're pretty much the best lookin cats in the mix. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Tomorrow is my Birthday and it's my golden year! I am 24 on the 24th. Neato huh? Riley and his family came home. We had some good ice cream cake and roped. Of course, all my roping buddies were there, Ron, Clint, Wes, P-Diddy, Riley and Dad. It was lots of fun. I will download some of the pictures and let you all look. Short entry for today, but I'm tired and I need my beauty rest.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Great Song from the Moody Blues.

The day we meet again
I'll be waiting there
I'll be waiting there for you
'Cause the years have been so lonely
Like a dog without a home
Its dangerous when you find out
You've been drinking on your own

The day we meet again
We will walk in peace
Thru the garden down the road
Where the mist of time is lifting
See it rising in the air
Like the shadow I was chasing
When I looked it wasnt there
Oh no

But just in case youre wondering
What was really on my mind
It wasnt what you took my love
Its what you left behind

And just in case youre wondering
Will it really be the same
You know were only living for
The day me meet again

So hold on - and dont let go
Time heals - you know - I know

The day we meet again
I'll be waiting there
I'll be waiting there for you
Cause the years have been so lonely
Like a dog without a home
Its dangerous when you find out
You've been drinking on your own

The day we meet again
We will walk in peace
Thru the garden down the road
Where the mist of time is lifting
See it rising in the air
Like the shadow I was chasing
When I looked it wasnt there
Hold on baby, don't let go

Sometimes music just makes a statement that I can't. I hope Justin and the Boys of the Moody Blues don't get mad at me for just saying that I love these lyrics. Yeah, it's okay.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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By the way...

Check this out! Just a neat story perhaps?

Lobbyist? or Just Plain Nuts

Most of you who know me know that I might be a bit off my rocker. I am crazy, like a fox... Yesterday I had the pleasure of telling people about my experience as a lobbyist intern in Boise. I was only planning on a nice 10 minute presentation. My proffessor had other plans. I started my ramblings with a sweet power point and off I was. I could see people nodding off and eyes glazing over. Now, you all know that I like to have attention if I have prepared something and so I used my vocal dynamics and a hint of verbal abuse to keep people awake. I just wish I had the knack that Bad A has for keeping people interested, he is a pretty good teacher. Much better than the kids here at school. No offence to them but I have not had a Sunday School teacher as good as Bad A here in the land of Iceburg.
Anyhow, I had done my power point and was still feilding questions, an hour later! What impressed me is how easily the answers came to my mind. I guess when you live something it sticks... I'm not gonna lie, I kinda liked speaking. In fact if I could come up with more to say to people I would speak more... Maybe. When I was done it was nice to hear compliments from teachers. That is always good. It was even better to be complimented by my peers. One of them said that I changed his opinion on government. I felt pretty good about that. I guess that it all goes back to the old saying "Whatever you are be a good one." Even if it is a sly fox...

Friday, September 08, 2006

My First "Free Write" For English 315.

-I should start of by saying that I am McCord Larsen. I am the youngest of four children and only single son of William Brent Larsen and Holly Helen Matthews Larsen. I am in the 24th year of my life. I entered this world on the 24th of September 1982 in the town of Twin Falls, located in the county of Twin Falls in the state of Idaho.

I came into this world without much, and I suspect that I shall leave it with about the same. However, my manner in arriving was not so common. I was born a month early and had RH factor blood. I don’t remember much of the event, but the doctors gave me 4 blood transfusions and told my parents that if I did live I would be abnormally small and perhaps mentally handicapped. Well, I would like to say that I am 6’2” and I weigh in at 245lbs. Doctors are not always right. The jury is still out on the latter of the two assumptions about my life.

Mother has always said that I was put on this earth to do special things. She says that it is not a mistake that I survived and I am trying to prove her right through gaining an education and making something of myself. Although I can see that I might not change the entire world at once, I hope that I can adjust the spaces around me for good. Isn’t that basically the purpose of this life, to make things just a bit better than you find them? Create a place where children can grow and become good people to do the same and help those around them. I think that is partially the meaning of this existence.

It might not sound like much to people who do not have time to help their brothers and sisters along on this journey. In fact I will bet that some of you reading this think that the author is crazy, perhaps he does not perceive reality. No one helps each other anymore, right? It is dog eat dog out there, right? Well just try this: try helping others out, maybe just one time a week or once a day. See how your world changes and then let me know who the crazy people really are and how your reality has changed.-

Hey folks, lemme know what you think of the above. It is what I handed in for a free write. I hope it has the effect I desire... Have a great day!

Monday, August 28, 2006

True Friends...

I once heard a wise cowboy say that a true friend will ride with you 'till hell freezes over, and then a little ways onto the ice.

Lemme tell you, I have a good amount of friends that fit this catergory. Some of you are far away and some are right around the corner. Some of you have been my pal since diapers, 6th grade or High School Rodeo. Some of you haven't known me very long at all in our lives, but we fit together pretty good. Some of you I see all the time, some of you I haven't seen for years and some of you I won't see 'till I walk through the veil.

I just want to tell all of you: THANK YOU! You have supported me in all that I do, and told me I was foolish when the time was right.

The reason for all of this is because this past weekend was a neat trip for me. I traveled to Utah to go to Blake and Lillian's wedding. (Kinkin to Anchan: AISHITE IRU YO!) They were sealed in the Bountiful Temple. I would like to tell the world just how beautiful Temples are. It is the closest you can get to Heaven on earth.
Any how... It was neat to see two people so in love. You could just see the love between these two great people. I've known Blake for 5 years, he and I started and ended our missions together and we served together in a great town, Aizuwakamatsu. All of you who are my friends can thank Blake for teaching me how to be as nice as I am... Lillian I have only known for about half a year. I knew her first from Blake telling me about her on the phone. He told me she was a really nice girl. He was right. She is awesome to people. They show love to people and they bring out the good in each other and those around them. How neat is that?

It was good to travel around and see some new things. But it is noce to be home. The only bad thing is that I leave again soon. School starts the 5th...

Any how- To all my friends, old and new: Bless you and thank you for being there for me. I love you all.

-Yeah, It's okay... I love you!

Friday, August 18, 2006

We be travlin'

Another adventure brought to you by Big Mack and Bad A.

Bad A and I took off to Rexburg on Thursday night. Why? I think you all could guess... Well my buddy Jared needed some boxes to move with, and I hauled them up there. It also gave us the opportunity to stop over and go dancin'. Oh YEAH... I must make a disclaimer, before certain people say I am a "player." I most certainly am not out dancing to "get action." (I explained to Bad A that I started out dancing as a way to meet girls. HOWEVER, I was a bad dancer and the girls I was meeting thought I was a clutz, no dates resulted. I kept going, as I am a determined soul, that I could learn more how to dance. Over the years my skills have increased. Now I don't go dancing to get dates, I go to dance. Its a heck of a work out! I do enjoy making my partners work and they usually leave with a smile. Bad A pointed out to me that every girl he saw me dance with left with a smile on thier face. I must be doing something right... But I gotta keep practised up, 'cause I am sure that one of these days I will have the opportunity of dancing with one of my favorite partners -Yeah, It's okay.-)

So we danced up a storm. Bad A met some girls that will probably inspire him to travel to Rexburg to visit me while I complete my last semester. That is right, I only have ONE left! Wahoo! Sorry, I get a bit pumped up. I am glad I will finally have something to show for my time in the City of Ice.

I must say that I probably scared my future roomates with my current look. I visited the place that will be my home for the next four months. The door was open and I just walked in like I own the place. The kid that was there looked at me like I was nuts (no one is debating that...). I told him and the manager, who showed up in a few minutes, not to worry because they wouldn't recognize me the next time they see me. I will be clean shaven... Not really looking forward to that, but all good things must end...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


If this is read by someone today, know that this is meant for you. I had some crazy things happen this week and I didn't make it to the post. I will today or tomorrow and I will be including some proof that I do exist. You know, like photos or something. I hope you are having a wonderful day and that all is well.
Take care. Youve Oil. (Thats an anagram... see if you can solve it.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to grow up?

I am the uncle to 9 of the greatest kids in the world. Each has their own tastes, ideas, thought processes, fears hopes and dreams. They are so very unique. Each has a spot in my heart. I try not to play favorites to them, and I hope I am just in my treatment. It is hard to treat all of them as nice as the youngest Larsen, Clancy. He doesn't ever back talk and he loves to be around me. Of course, he is not yet 2 and cannot talk and he just wants to be put to sleep.
The point of all of this is that I have been the only single member of my family for 8 years. They are starting to look at me funny. Granted I am only 23. But some in my family are worried. Their worry is perhaps well-founded as I consistently make choices that seem immature and frivolous. I often choose to throw my money at steers, chasing the dream of making a little money in the rodeo world. I also do things at a whim that none of them can do. I jump in my truck and go places just to look at something I haven't seen before. Some call this Peter Pan Complex.
I would like to tell you I am NOT Peter Pan! I am taking advantage of a what I would call a great situation. You see, it lies in my theory of life: "Families are eternal. But you can only rope for so long..." Trust me, one day I will grow up. I plan on it. I am making choices, albeit behind the scenes, that are "big people choices." I am going to graduate from college soon. I am preparing to enter law school. I am taking a couple of financial risks that I hope will pay off, and none of them involve cards, horses or pyramid schemes. I am working on creating relationships that will be lasting and prove fruitful one day, not only in marriage, but by keeping friends close that will one day aid me in becoming the man I believe that I am destine to become. That is another one of the mottos I live by: "It ain't what you know, it's who you know." That has a deeper meaning than just what is on the surface. Think of the scripture that tells you what eternal life is.
Anyhow, lemme tell all of you thanks for keeping tabs on me and what is going on. Truth be told, I think things are just ducky. One day it'll all work out. Until then I just need to be patient.
Its' okay, huh?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Me!

For those of you who haven't seen me in a while, I thought I'd give you an updated photo... Don't worry, I will be shaving on September 5th, since I will be back at BYU-I, and classes will start. I might keep the mustache, HOWEVER I would like to put it to a vote: leave a comment about Mustache or clean shaven, lemme know what you think. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

One Wild Weekend...

Well, I am sure that it was wild for someone... No that wasn't me, I just hit the road. Hard to believe, right...

Friday night I loaded up with Shawn "Puffy" Coombs and his lovely wife, Mickey and headed off to ST. Anthony, for the Pioneer Days Rodeo. Lemme tell you that St. Anthony, ID is not a mainstream kind of place and it is always fun to see what kind of people come out to the rodeo. If you have ever been to a tractor pull, mud bog, demolition derby or a monster truck rally, you know what I am talking about. Any how, I had forgotten how much fun rodeos are. You see, the rodeo bunch is a lot of folks who travel down the road hitting up the same towns at the same times. I have been doing this since I was a junior in High School, and so I still know a few people. Two of my favorite folks, Brad Reamer and Buck LaRoche, are over 55 and still rope calves and team rope together. I think Buck is over 60 and he still can rope calves at a high rate of speed. The best part is that I hadn't seen them for a few years and they still knew who I was, even with the goatee... (Just a note, some of the kids I went to BHS with didn't recognize me with the goatee when we had the "party" at the City of Rocks, and I saw them almost every day for 3 years!) I kinda felt bad, and I hope that my good friends all forgive me, I hope Ty forgives me for pulling that trick on him, and that Mary understands that I didn't sit very long 'cause I wanted to talk to folks.

So, it was Puffy's first rodeo in the ImPRA, and his horse had never been through a rope barrier (for an explaination of the barrier system call me or listen very carefully to your local rodeo announcer). Any how, his horse balked at the barrier causing his hat to fall over his eyes... Basically, not a good run.
We got home about 2 in the morning and we were supposed to be in Oakley at 8 for the slack there. 7am came super fast... I had the most bumpin headache I have had in a long time. Puffy tells me that that is what is like to have a hang-over, minus the puking, cotton mouth and such. We found out that we would be roping about eleven, so we settled in on Uncle Eugene's big flat bed truck. It lives at the Oakley arena. It is where my family gathers and watches the rodeos there. It is really nice to watch the fireworks from as well.

Anyhow, my tummy got to rumbling so I headed over to the cookshack for breakfast. I knew the fellas running it and I asked them what was for eating. They told me they had panckaes, eggs and sausage. I asked if they'd make a sausage sandwich, and they replied with a message often heard in Oakley, "If you want it that way, do it yourself." So I headed to the back of the shack and proceded to build a fantastic sandwich. When I asked how much they told me since I cooked it, it was free. I had earned it. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth and off I went. Pretty good breakfast.

We finally got our draw and drew steer #36. I asked Merv, the Zen Master of Roping in my book, how #36 ran. He pulled out his notecard (Merv is a serious roper and he watched every steer run. He knew what each would do.). He asked what we drew and I told him. He smiled and said "I can't let you see this." After coaxing, Merv let me see the note. It said "36=MONEY." Simple and to the point. We had drawn the steer to win the rodeo. Booyah! Puffy and I backed into the box. The nod came and out we went. The steer was breaking a little to the left, just the way it should. Puffy threw to be in the 5 hole (in other words, a catch and we could be as fast as 5 seconds...) His loop sailed... right over the horns. No catch. I was a bit disapointed, but that is rodeo. It happens. There is next weekend, we're headed to Shoshone. It oughtta be good.

The rest of the day was pretty chill. Best part of my day was getting home from the rodeo and seeing a letter in the mail with a Oklahoma postmark. In case anyone wonders, I get pretty giddy to get mail and when it comes from that part of the country, I can't help but smile. It's okay, huh.

The rodeo that night was good and the fireworks rocked.

Sunday came fast, but it was a good day. Good meetings. Learned an amazing truth. I was teaching the lesson and a brother made the comment "You never get addicted to anything good. All the bad things get addicting, but I haven't heard of someone who absolutely NEEDS to read thier scriptures or they go into a state of shock..." I thought that was pretty insightful. You have to work to become righteous. It isn't something you just DO.

Then movie night at the Preston house. Bad A and The Champ bought a projector. We hung white sheets and set up theater seating. it was great.
All I know is that life is pretty dang good and I can't complain. Half of you wouldn't listen and the other half would be glad to hear I have the problems...

By the way, drink a Jones Soda. Do it cause the flavors are cool, the picture on the lable is unique and there are fortunes on the lid...

Friday, July 14, 2006

How to be king...

Okay, for most of you this won't apply, but I want to tell you that it is totally good to be king. You might be thinking I am ripping off Tom Petty, but I am not wanting the same things that he professes in his song, although it is one of my favorite songs... But I digress...
So, why do I fell this way, well, I don't really know. It could be that the other day I was roping pretty good ans won a menial amount of money. It could be that I have had more fun this week of summer than I have had all summer, even though I really didn't go any where special. Well, I DID go to Twin Falls and eat at Sushi Tokyo. HIGHLY RECOMEND IT. The owners are from Hiroshima, nice folks and they are very fun people. My date had never had sushi before and I got her to eat eel. Now eel is lots tastier than it looks, so fret not. If you ever get the chance I would tell you to take a chance and throw some down your gut. After dinner we couldn't get into Pirates of the Carribean, so we headed back to Burley. I took the old highway and she told me she had never been to the top of Mount Harrison, a travesty in my book, so off we went. At the top you can see all over the valley. It was pretty cool. It almost took me back a few years to a simpler time on the 4th of July...
Any how, I think that perspective is 98% of how great life is. Things can be pretty crappy sometimes, but if you look at the bright side, things will work out right. Like you know placing one out of the money sucks, but at least you know that you tried. That girl might laugh hysterically at how you kissed her, but at least she didn't slap you. You might drive a truck that only gets 12 MPG, but it is YOURS outright and the bank has no claim on it. Shoot, look on the bright side! Just remember that things could always be worse!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If you're gonna go GO BIG!

I had the sweet opportunity of riding a water weenie for the first time in my life yesterday. Boy Howdy! That was fun! The Park Avenue Singles Branch had a FHE activity down at Hobsons Dock. I hadn't been down there for a few years, used to go all the time when I was a youngin', with my buddy Craig. Anyhow, I had a sweet time riding and I learned that the best part of getting bucked off was taking people down with me. And I went off big time when it came down to it.

Haven't written about going to Reno, either. Course, I really can't say too much about Reno, as it might incriminate me. However, I will say this: It is good to drive a Ford, right, Linds? Anyway, the reason we headed down there was to watch the BFI, a who's who of the roping world. It was pretty good to watch, not only for entertainment, but for education. I learned some new things about my tie-down and positioning my feet. I think it will help. Saddest moment of the day was when Walt Woodard missed a steer that could have won him and Matt Sherwood a bucket of money. The whole place was wishing them the best. I guess there is always next year... (But they did kick some hiney at the Reno Rodeo, I watched them rope in the Slack on Wednesday, and they were a smooth 4.4 seconds. There are some of you that can't even do up your zipper that fast!)
We also went down to watch the Reno Rodeo Invitational, our buddies Hoggie and Hoggie were in it. It paid $100,000 a man to win it! and if you caught 3 steers you would get $3,500 , which was $1000 more than the fees were! Unfourtunatley the fellas had some hard luck and missed the 3 steer cut-off by 1.5 seconds. But, it is like Hoggie said, "It ain't like that was the last roping on earth, there'll be others." That is a life lesson in it self. Why get so wrapped up in outcomes of one event? There will be other chances.
After the roping there was a performance horse sale. WOW! they were some sweet horses. The one I thought would be nice went for a song and dance, only $13,000! That is NOT a small number, at least for a 4-year old gelding.
Speaking of 4-year olds, Kody, the paint horse and Will, the sorrel, are coming along nicely. Only had one good blow up with Will, he tried me pretty hard, but I stuck to him. Kody sometimes thinks he is a world champion buckin' horse, but that is all in his head.
Hope your world is good and that you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! Have a Good One!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Correct me if I am wrong, but are you asking for a challenge?

To be completely honest I can't fathom the fact that it is already June! Good crud, where'd the first few months go? Okay, now with that out of the way I would like to say to everyone: BOOYAH! You wanna know why I say BOOYAH? Well, basically because I can. Really no other reason.

If you are reading this blog to be blown away by some of astounding knowledge that I may share, I would like to appologize. I have no actual knowledge left in my brain. BUT I do have some interesting, but maybe not actually factual tidbits of information:
-You can hypnotize Chickens by using a stick and scratching the ground
-My truck has 2 gas tanks and that comes in very handy for a nice trick, running out in one tank and convincing people we are stranded
-Girls fight just because they can
-Divine proportion is 1.681 (Thank you Dan Brown)
-People DON'T listen to the first things you say on the telephone if they call the same place a lot (I answer the phone with the same greeting, which includes my name and people still call me Brent, my dad's name)
-My friend Joe can hypnotize cats, I think he is the true "Cat Whisperer..."
-It takes about 2.77 weeks for me to grow a sweet fumanchu, or goatee
-If you want real truth, ask someone who is younger than 10
-George Burns said that the key to a good sermon is a great beggining and a great ending and to make sure the two are close together
-"KISS Rules!"-Billy Shaw
-A Natoosee Leather Couch is perhaps one of the most comfortable couches produced
-The average heart beats 2 BILLION times over a lifetime
-People in the Land of the Rising Sun can play Paper Rock Scissors faster than any people on the planet
-Paper Rock Scissors can decide the most difficult problems. from whose toy is whose to whether the red button gets pushed

Okay, I have given you some sweeeeeet knowledge, now here comes the challenge: I want you to leave at least one useless peice of knowledge that has "changed your life." Keep it G-rated, please. I realize that the ones I have left don't mean much to ya'll, but one day you will understand...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sometimes You Win...

And of course sometimes you lose. I am talking about the elections here in Idaho that occured yesterday. I will have to say I am a bit disappointed. I know it may sound like philisophical gobbledie-gook but I have seen results and they make me hang my head in shame a bit. I am mostly disapointed for my old boss, Norm Semanko. I would have thought that the people in the 1st District would be a tad bit smarter and see that he was the man for the job. The problem is that he may not be slimey enough to represent them. Norm is a good upstanding man and very trust worthy. He does a great job in his work as an attorney and as the Exec. Dir for the IWUA. He gets things done. I learned a lot from him as I watched him handle the issues of his campaign as well as the work of the IWUA. You'd think folks would want a guy that can get things done in office, and maybe Bill Salli will, I just had hopes for Norm. I think the people of the 1st District missed a great chance to have a good man go to bat for them in Washington. I guess it could be worse, it could have happened in my home District, the 2nd...

The County Elections were almost as disappointing. I think the downfall here is that we base too much on who a person is, not what he can do. I like the fellas that got elected for County Commisioner here in Cassia, but just because I like them doesn't mean that I think they will do a great job. I would just look at what they have done (or haven't) for the County. However, I guess enough people think they are doing a good job and they got re-elected. I just think a little change would do some good.

No surprise was the race for Governor. Go Butch! A freind of mine said this morning, "He may be a womanizing drunk of an idiot, but he is OUR womanizing drunk of an idiot!" I think what he meant was, yes Butch's morals might not be the greatest, but at least we go into the deal knowing he is that way. He does move and shake and can speak the lingo of the folks back in DC as well as be downhome in Idaho. I think he will do alright.

All in all I guess the best part about the election is that I cast my vote. I tried to have my voice heard. Some of the folks I voted for got elected, some didn't. It doesn't sadden me or make me bitter. Why would I be mad, I did my civic duty and now I can still voice my opinion, even though I might have chose some losers, I still chose. Did you get out and vote? Well if you didn't then keep your trap shut! Your vote could've changed things! Every vote counts and for people to sit by and do nothing and then complain because it isn't going the way they want, I say to hell with them! Appathetic people are the kind of folks I can not stand. Don't just sit there DO SOMETHING!

Remember, all it takes for Evil to triumph is for Good men to just stand by and do nothing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My Parents are Cooler than Your Parents...

Okay, so that may sound like a pretty loud statement, but it has got to be true. Why? Because my Mom just left for Europe tob there 20 days, she will see 7 countries and have tons of fun. It is her birthday from my Uncle Vance and Aunt Joan. They are also taking four of their grandchildren, which Mom is sort of doing the nanny thing for them. They flew out yesterday and they should be in Frankfurt by now. Uncle Vance has a friend (Max) from Hawaii that speaks 7 languages and he is originally from Romainia. He wants to take a gal there who is one of his friends to see some of the opera scene. She is 28 and a good performer and Max wants her to see some things that may inspire her.

Dad just left for Park City this morning to film a comercial with some famous golfer. I will tell you who when the commercial airs, I don't want to get in trouble for leaking information... But Aunt Linda is producing the comercial, I think. Dad took a golf buddy with him. The information Aunt Linda said was that they needed some guys who looked like they golfed that were from the ages of 30 to 55. Both Dad and Kelly golf and off they went. I think they will get $100 for their trouble. I just hope it isn't a Levitra commercial...

I am working at the Shop, of course. The weather is nice and sort of a good cloud cover. I would post a picture of me and my new style, but Mom took the camera with her. I have a Fumanchu and burns down past my ears now... I kinda look unkept, but it makes for some fun times. I got to go to Conner Creek Junction Saturday and rope at the Sam Adams Arena. It was pretty fun. The view from thier place is pretty cool. You really can't beat being out there. Sam is a nice guy, good family and some quick cattle.

I hit the first of the Summer Series ropings put on by Dan Kidd. I didn't do any good. I wasn't roping too hot. But I had the chance to talk to a fella, Merv, who always has some good advice and he is a heckuva roper. He said I need to stop analyzing myself so much, just get in postion and rope. I tried to do that at Sam's but the wind was blowing into me when we would turn left... So maybe I will try tonite, it is Monday and Family Rope Evening.

In other news: I am reading the Da Vinci Code. Yes, I like it. Saw the movie and I liked it as well. I realize lots of folks criticize both, mostly the movie, but it really doesn't matter. I just take things for what they are worth. You have got to remember, IT IS FICTION PEOPLE! My goodness!

Yeah, and Branch Conference was yesterday. The Stake Presidency spoke. It was pretty cool. It is always good to hear and be somewhat chastised. I think I will be a bit better person for the whole experience.

So, if you think your parents are cooler than mine, that's okay, this isn't a contest in any way shape or form. But I know my Dad is tougher than your dad, so there...

Monday, May 15, 2006


I have been doing pretty much the same stuff over and over everyday for the last few weeks, not much in adventuring tales to tell. I am a bit bummed about that, but what is a fella to do? I wish I could have my unregular life again. Most the time things are changing so much that I have to keep looking for similarities, but not so lately. Although, life is still full of surprises...

First big surprise was last Sunday when High Councilor Campbell pulled me aside and said the Stake Presidency needed to meet with me. I tried to talk them out of it, by telling them about my bad habbits and saying I might develop more bad habbits, but they wouldn't give. I was later informed of a freind who said he had the same situation and he asked them if they were sure they'd prayed about the matter, and then asked if they might have meant another person of the same name, or maybe a name that sounded like his. Any how, no such luck. (that is a joke, I am sure this calling will be a good thing for me. I always grow with my callings)

The next neat thing was having my brothers and thier families come home to help out at the annual Yard Cleanup at my grandpa and gramma Larsen's. We had all the little kids around and we roped on Friday night. Way fun. The kids took turns running out of the chute and chasing each other. They ran themselves ragged. It was pretty fun to watch.

I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day. I hope we all took the time to thank our Mom's and let them know how much we love them. Heck, think about it where would YOU be without your mom? I liked the answer from the card that Cody and Sally got for my mom. It said we would probably be eating candy from a stranger sitting too close to the TV in yesterday's underwear. Or something like that. BANZAI to Moms every where. And a BANZAI to those future moms out there who are going to be just as wonderful to future generations as our moms have been to us.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh the Places I've been...

No this isn't a travelog of where I have been in my life, because, let's face it: I am well traveled.
I am talking about the emotional journey I have been on the last weeks. I have fighting off the crazy demons of Boredom and Laziness. Do you know these fellas? They aren't really nice guys. They make everything seem old and crusty, tastless. Food seems drab, nothing seems cool. Not even flying down a road at 100MPH doesn't cut it. Sad, too sad. But once again, my positivist outlook has kicked in! I have so much to do! I just need to get out and experince it. I reckon I might not have anyone to share the journey with at my side, but I will someday. When that day comes I will have many a tale to tell about things I have done and places I have journeyed to. How great will that be?

I tell you now that I am looking out the window and I can see mountains and places to go that I have been before, but I need to revisit. I am going to hit the road. No, no long journey to foreign lands (I'll leave that to Mom). I am going to see what my home has to offer. Mt. Harrison, Elba, Almo, City of Rocks, Big Cottonwood, Trapper Creek, Birch Creek, Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Oakley and all the cool stuff in my preverbial back yard. Here I come. Booyah!

By the way, since I last blogged I have been roping in Nampa, didn't do any good (got the Flu and roped every steer turned for me). I have also been working for Mom and Dad. Fun stuff.

Hope you all are well and dandy! Have a Good 'Un!

Friday, April 21, 2006

The $3200 Scholarship

So, here is a lesson in math: 1 new engine for an Olds 98 $3150, gas $50, new windsheild $150 and a Check from BYU-I Ag Dept for $200 makes the cost of my $200 Scholarship $3200.

I was driving to Rexburg to recieve this award in Mom's car. About American Falls I noticeted that the car was wanting to shut down and she was billowing smoke and her oil pressure died. I climbed the first off ramp by the Pioneer Tractor dealership and called Mom. She drove my truck there and Dad followed with the Sheesh wagon and a flatbed. We loaded up the car and I hit the road, about 2 hours behind my plan. Got to the dinner an hour late, just in time to recieve my award. I looked great (suit, tie and matching hankie) and had a hottie for a date (You rock, hot chick!); so I had a great entrance. Oh yeah!

After the dinner we hit up the campus country dance night for a spell. I danced in my suit, well, I shed the jacket. But it was good fun. Left for a bit and came back with proper dancing atire. Good fun (really more than I can explain, for safety's sake). I crashed at Glen and Denise's place. I tell you what. In all my travels I have noticed that it is a far better deal to stay with married people. They are cleaner than an apartment full of sinlge guys, have better blankets and nicer places.

Think about it, I am sure you might know of what I speak. This is the real reason I go to so many weddings. It isn't just to see the bliss of others, but to build up social credit. People remember some things and if you do give a good gift or at least save a life during a wedding, people remember. Then they let you sleep on their floor. See, I am basically a genious in disguise...

Any how, I got back on the road to go home and noticed a chip in the windshield. DRATTS!!! So my little award is great, but I will have to work like hell to pay for it! I think next year I will just write a nice thank you and tell them someone else can enjoy the blessings.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Too little too late...

Too little sleep that is, and too darn late last night. I went up to Iceburg and hit up the country dance scene at the Strata, way too much fun! I haven't been dancing in a place without alchohol or smokers for about 4 months. It was great! I like not having to worry about the sobriety of my dance partner, course, I am sure some of mine wondered about me... I, of course, was not drunk, I have never even tasted the garbage! Lemme tell you, what makes me go is havin good fun and there ain't no more fun than good dancin, cept maybe good ropin. I think my Uncle Blaine used to say every day, when he was a kid, looking in the mirror, "Who is the greatest guy in town and why am I? Because I can dance." Yup. Me too. Just ask the girls that had the chance to last night, I am thinking they would all agree, and out of two or three witnesses.... Booyah!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stair wells and small dogs... Part One

What a weekend... I started early Friday morning and jumped on a plane to SLC. Met a new friend, Gary. He was a good man headed to go skiing with his buddies. We had a good chat about life and what was going on in the world. I was met by Lillian and Blake. Blake was one of my companions in the mission. He is a good man, studying music at BYU. Lillian is Blake's girlfreind, she is a sweet gal. They rock as a couple. I love seeing people happy together, I think I see that in them. We went to the new Joseph Smith film. WOW what a great show. As we were watching I kept thinking it was because of that wonderful man that I am who and where I am. Thans to Joseph's prayer and his desire to know the truth, I have what I have. I couldn't help it, I bawled like a baby. I was just so thankful for all I have. After the show we headed down to Provo. We hooked up with Aaron, one of our other doki and a former mission companion. We went to Demae, a great Japanese restaraunt in Provo, soooo good. After that we cleaned up and off to Springville for the misson reunion. That was way fun! Good crud, it was great to see lots of folks. Josh showed up and the fun began. We talked about stuff that both of us had completely forgot about. Josh was my trainer and we sure had some crazy times. The great thing is that all our fun isn't in the past. We had another episode at the reunion. We had been joking about someone that we both knew and you know what they say, speak of the devil and he is sure to appear. Well that person walked right in... Tehehehe. We busted out laughing and proceeded to laugh so hard that we had to go outside. The dogs in the neighborhood barked at us... It was crazy. Then a few of us gathered up and went to the Hunt's house for some sukiyaki, boy howdy, that was soooo good... So, after the sukiyaki Josh and I were off to Provo so I could crash at Blake's. We laughed so hard on the way that I almost lost my cookies, as well as the sukiyaki...
Wasn't Conference great? WOW. I loved Elder Neilson's talk. Of course, they were all good, but that was sweet. I actually got to see Preisthood session live, Joe got tickets, props to Joe! I sat next to John Gochnour, the last time he and I watched a session together live was when we were 13 or 14, and that was in the Tabernacle. Crazy. (After the session we went up to a sweet pizza joint, the best pie I have ever had!) Back to Provo with Jonny G. Joe let me use his wheels to drive around. What a guy, that Joe. Over to Mary's folks' to bed down.
I would just like to pause here and thank everyone of my friends. I am so dadgummed blessed! I had the opportunity to spend time with quite a few of the freinds that the Lord has given to me. You guys and girls are all great. I wouldn't want to overlook all of those whom I haven't seen for a while. What are you all thinkin? How'd you end up with me? I'm sure glad you all put up with me. You all put up with me and all my bad habits and problems. Thanks so much!
Sorry to get all mushed up... I will continue again soon...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All good things...

Or must all good things come to an end? I am looking down the barrel of the end of my intership. I am not going to B.S. you and say that it has all been roses, but it has been a great learning experinece. Like I told someone today, I have worked with a lot of good people and met a whole bunch of "interesting" folks. I would like to publically thank the IWUA for giving me this opportunity. You guys ROCK! If you are in the 1st Congressional District of Idaho remember to Vote in your primary on May 23, and VOTE SEMANKO!
If you are wondering what McCord will do next (not a rip off of Ford's "What will Phil do next?") I will not leave you all in suspence. I am running away and joining the Circus. Boo-yah! I heard The Ringling folks were hiring a bearded lady and I thought I would see if the ERA would help me get a job...
Seriously though, I am headed back to B-Town. I will take up my former position of HNIC at Burley Refrigeration, working for Mom and Dad. I like it, it is something I am decent at doing and they let me set my own hours. Yes, I will be roping, would you really expect anything else? C'mon... Hopefully I will convince my favorite header and my financial secretary to hit the road and rope in some IMPRA shows. If I get turned down, I will have to resort to begging and pleading... It might not help, but I'll do what it takes.
I also want to bounce up to Ricks on occasion to get a little groove on at the STRATA. Look out Rexburg! OH YEAH!
I would like to send out a jovial holler to those of you who have been there for me. I am not naming any names but you know who you are (an extra special shout out to one heckuva waitress at Applebee's, you rock!). The good times that I had in your various presences will not be forgotten. If you have the inlking to, just drop a line in the comment section, beleive me, I read them and reply...
Well folks, the workday is drawing to a close... I am looking forward to my commute out to Riley's. What a great life, I think Gary Alan hit it on the head: Life ain't always beautiful, but it is a beautiful ride...

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Have you ever felt like you had no idea what was going on in your life? Welcome to my world. I kinda am having one of those days that U2 talks about in a classic song: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I have done a lot and I have tons to be thankful for, but dang, I still fill a void in my heart.
Anyhow, lets move on, eh? The Legislature is winding down and we know what that means: Rodeo Season wil be upon us soon. Looking forward to it. All our bills have passed and are waiting the signiture from the governor. Not too bad.
Last night I got to go Home Teaching with Riley, that was cool. He is a darn fine man, good Father, husband, son and brother.
The other night I went out with Riley and the kids. Dang those little ones are observant. We were eating ice cream at ColdStone and Annabelle says to me "Uncle McCord, you're going to be a good daddy." I thanked her and pointed out that I needed a wife before I could become a dad. Then Addy piped up, "First you need a girlfreind! Uncle Jeff got a wife fast, how come you keep losing girls?" Darn good question... I don't know if I have a decent answer to that wonderful question. So I reckon I will have to do a bit of R&D. If any of you have good answers, I'd be obliged if you could offer suggestions.
In other news, the DNCFR was pretty good. Long night, though. I got home to Burley about 3:30 A.M. Sunday morning. Still got up to go to Church with Gramma Matthews at 10:00. Think I had better thank a few folks for making that a fun night: Roman, Ty, Devonie, Uncle Reed, Aunt Linda and most of all Mandy (for puting up with me). After the rodeo hit up the Green T and danced a bit. That was a hoot. We left before things got too crazy. Good times though...
The weather outside is looking pretty good and a bit breezy, course, if there wasn't any wind I wouldn't know how to stand up straight.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Willie Must Have More Endurance...

I think the reason Willie likes being on the road again is that he rides in a sweet tour bus and probably doesn't have to drive. I have been from one side of the state to the other side, and I am going to head back out as soon as I have lunch. I am headed back to Burley to hopefully rope tomorrow and then head up to the Dodge for the last performance. Thanks to Jay for the tickets. So for those of you wondering how many miles that is well, here is the math: from Star to I.F. is 299.30 miles and I did that twice-600 miles; now back to Pocatello that is another 256 miles, and yes, I will be coming back to Star Sunday night, so 512 round trip. Okay 1112 miles doesn't seem that much for my buddy Virgil, but that's plenty for me. I think it'll be worth it. I have a lunch date with my family in Burley tomorrow and probably rope and I might go watch my cousin's rodeo in Rupert before I head out to the Dodge.
I have also had some dang fine sushi this week. Went to the Blue Hashi in I.F. It's good, but I thought that Sakura Sushi in Eagle was better. I don't know, I just think that folks that are actually from the Orient make better sushi than guys from the U.S. Course, there was a Hawaiin kid in Iceburg that was pretty good. I guess I just like to see hendersized sushi. Oh well.
Anyhow, if you get a chance, try the Dragon Roll, it rocks! I reckon I will get on the road here soon, the quicker I leave the quicker I get where I am going...
On the road again...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Black, White, Cold and Hot Tub...

Last year there was a calf born, I don't know where he came from, but he had short stubby legs, a potbelly and he was black as coal. We bought him so Hooter could calf rope him, and from the get-go he was a bit different. He got too big real fast for Hooter to rope, so he graduated to the team ropin pen. He runs pretty darn fast and has short strides. He is one tough bugger to rope. Well, Hooter got a bit tougher, so we brought the little fella back to the calf ropin pen. Man, he'd give Hooter a run for his money. I roped him a few times, crazy to handle and if you didn't watch your step, he'd eat your lunch, and your neighbors as well. He got too heavy to calf rope, so back to the team ropin pen. He was dehorned, he's a crossbred, so we strap the plastic fakies on. Good crud, its hard to get them horns on that feller. He'll charge to take your hands out and shake his head trying to avoid the inevitable. He is pretty darn fun to rope, though. What makes him real fun is how tough he is to catch. His stubby legs are hard to time and add to it that he is still so light he just wangs out there on the hop, one tough catch. So, to rope him is a good satisfying feeling.
I got into Burley last night and it felt warm enough, so I was looking forward to roping. I got the steers up, caught the horses, saddled up and just as Hooter and I were mounting up to warm our horses up, the snow fell. Started out with just a few flakes, but they brought friends, lots of 'em, and big ones! Got bad enough that I couldn't see the end of the arena. We powered through and continued to rope. Dad showed up, as he was reffing a explorer ball game. I had saddled his horse, but forgot to cover it, so it was soaked. He ran the chute, what a dad. Course on one steer I hear him say, rope this one, no matter what the distraction. As we left the box he blew his ref whistle, I think it scared Poco (Hooter's horse). But he roped the steer anyway. I missed, my second miss of the night. My rope was basically a 35-foot string of mud and the glove I was wearing was caked as well. I was 4 for 6. Hooter roped pretty good. What made me smile was when Hooter turned that black steer, even with all that white snow falling and the fact I could barely see his legs I roped him slick and decently fast.
Another crazy event was when the little black flecked heifer escaped the back gate by popping the latching horseshoe off. She really is a mean little wench. I am pretty sure she'd a taken dad out if he'd gotten a bit closer. As it were, she ran down the alley and then got into the horse pen.
Heck, by the time we got done ropin' we were soaked and Hooter was freezing. It was snowing hard enough that I couldn't see worth a darn with the arena lights on and I shut 'em off to be able to see. We decided we try to rope tonite of the weather played fair. I hope it does.
Well, I went inside to eat dinner and thaw out. I watched a bit of TV with the folks and then was getting ready for bed when my phone rang. It was Roman. He and Dane were home enjoying "Spring Break" from ISU. They wanted to go hot tubbing and were calling to see if my folks would care if they used it. They thought I would be in Boise still, so they were surprised when I walked out the back door to greet them. Dane had been waiting for about 20 minutes... His date was in the back seat, he thought they'd have to change in the car. Funny thing was that the girls Roman brought with them were both 2004 grads of Burley High, and I had really no idea who they were. Oh well. We sat in the hot tub and man that felt gooooood. I am thinking that was one of the best purchases that Dad made since he bought the Sheesh wagon.
All I can say is its good to be home... Course, I'll be back on the road today. Guess the lesson is to happy for what you have right in front of you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Six Foot Town

Good song from Big and Rich, I hope folks take the chance and listen to a bit of B&R. Good stuff. Lots happened last week. I actually baby-sat for the first time in about five or six years... I am sorry to Jeremy, my nephew. I baby sat him when I was a senior. I changed his diaper and thought, man I need baby powder. None in the house. Viola! I had some in the horse trailer, more specifically in my rope can. I used tons of it to keep the ropes nice and fast. So, I piled that stuff on his little rump, stood him up and powder came out! Yeah, I think I used plenty... Anyway, I am a bit smarter now. I was sittin for my brother while he and his wife went to a class; Annabelle (6 and smart as all get out), Adylyn (4 going on 21) and Davis (3 and catches on to stuff a bit too quick sometimes). Anyhow as it was time for a movie, and we had to pick one. Of course, each kid wanted a different one. How to settle? Paper Rock Scissors (JonKenPo in Japan)! BOOYAH! I had them face off, winner chooses. I think that I have found a simple solution for the common fighting! I want to say this was not an original idea of mine, I learned it in Japan. I was at a daycare, where we did service, and two boys were playing with a toy and one took it from the other. The boy without the toy cried to the teacher. The boy who took the toy stated that they had played JonKen and he won. There was no further argument. It was settled. I am going to try to use that when one day I become a dad. I think it is right next to genuis!
Right now I'm sittin in I.F. at the Shilo Inn for Ditch Rider Workshops. It is pretty durned informative. It is good to see people who get passionate about their work!
Tonight I will be in the Magic Valley and I will hopefully be chasin some steers and soaking in the hot tub. NICE!
Last night I went out on the town with some really nice folks. We hit the Blue Hashi. Pretty good sushi, the miso was good and the tempura was delicious. It is always fun to see people who never had sushi give it a try. The look on Virgil's face when he ate wasabi was great. Course, he got me by leaving a good glob on his last peace and then generously offering it to me. I ate it, woooooh. If you've never had wasabi, give it a shot. Its great to clear your sinus when you are congested. Speaking of wasabi, I remember at Heslop's farewell party Itakura filled a shoe-cream with wasabi and we had a eating contest. Heslop had the one filled with wasabi, we all crammed them into our face, Heslop dang near died. Hontoni waratta yo! Onaka ga itakunatta noni waratta! Gomen Rop-chan!
Well folks, hope you all are living and living well!!!
By the way, that is Ady and Anna, KAWAII! (They're cute, eh?)