Saturday, November 24, 2007

Its hard to look Tuff in a Subaru...

Luke and I went out to Helmer and went shooting. Took out Luke's .357 and a .22. Course, you would not think that we were headed to the back country to go shootin' if you saw our ride... We took Olivia's Subaru. When we stopped to ask the folks at the Helmer store where a fella could go to shoot, they kinda just stared... They saw us get out of that car and probably could not believe that two fellas dressed like we were had anything to do with guns. Any how, shooting was great fun. We blew the crap out of Luke's old hard drive. We thought about taking it in to the computer store, after the first shot, and seein what their reaction would be if we asked them to fix it. That was till we fired on it a few more times, there wasn't much left of it. This was Wednesday. Wednesday nite, after I picked up Liv, her car died, again. Tried to push start it. It went, for a while. Liv walked home and I waited for someone from the dealership. I jumped the car with the saleswoman's Toyota, got it to run, but I had to hot-rod the car to the dealership, no lights and no brakes. BY THE WAY: if you get stranded in Moscow, ID don't even think of asking the cops to help you out. They cannot assist you, it's official police policy... AKA B.S. The car needed an alternator. Ouch.
Well, on Turkey Day we headed over to the Matt and Amy Darrington home. It was a grand gathering. Heck, it was like being home. Nobody but my wife was family, but we all felt like family. I guess that is what holidays away from home are for. 13 people over for dinner there, it was great! Matt and Amy; Rob, Monica and Ellie Hemsley; Luke, Michelle and Cy Marchant; Lynn Darrington; Trent Belnap; Aubrey and Kendrick (don't remember their last names); and Senator and Mrs. Darrington. Quite the crowd. It was dang fun.
Black Friday was long. Liv worked from 7 am to 6:30 pm, taking only a 15 minute break and eating chips and dip. She worked all day and I slept and watched Back to the Future II and III. Nice, huh? We went out to Wingers and we were able to witness the Hawaii Warriors beat the BSU Broncos... But that was not the end of my sports viewing experience...
Saturday I decided to take Dad's advice and take in a Vandal football game. They played the USU Aggies and it was the last game of the season. Matt and Amy were going and so I was gonna tag along. The plan was to sit in the student section, but since the Senator got tickets in the President's Box for everyone, we ended up gorging ourselves on buffalo meat and gyoza. Just another testament to the old addage, it ain't what you know but who you know. I brought home some chocolates for Olivia, since she couldn't attend with me. By the way, today is 9 months that we've been hitched. Neato. Well, I suppose that will be the last Vandal game I attend, they lost and won't ever have any better seats with better food, it's all down hill from here...
The picture is from the Pre-Game in the President's Tent. Notice, I am in my sweet BYU-I Hoodie and my cowboy hat. Nothing says trashy like showing up in colors of a school that doesn't even have athletics to an alumni sponsored event!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What happens when you leave Pepsi and Pepper Overnight...


Lewiston or BUST: Well maybe...

We climbed into Olivia's Subaru to head down to Lewiston. Liv was driving because I am taking cold medication that makes me drowsy. (I got the cold the night I stayed up to 3:30 am writing my final assignment for LW&R.) About seven miles outta Moscow, going up a decent little hill, the ole Soob starts to sputtering. The last time she did this we were headed to class and work. I push started her and drove the car like a feed truck. No problems since then. Well, she died 3/4 of the way up the hill. Did I mention the fog? Well, it was darn foggy. To boot, the 'lectrical garbage kicked out. No hazards to warn others. A kind gent from Genesee, Brent, stopped to help out. He gave Liv a flashlight to start flaggin people so they didn't hit us. One feller that did dang near hit us felt bad, stopped and gave Brent a tow rope. We towed the Soob to the top of the hill, the whole time we were going I let the clutch out in 3rd and it'd run. When we stopped, so did the Soob's engine. But as we had crested the hill, I told Brent we'd try roll starting it. Off we went. The Soob fired right up and we were off! Well, for a few hundred feet. She died again and I pushed her into a local grain grower's front yard. We tried jumpin her and off she went like a rocket! Brent followed us back to Moscow. What a good fella.
Just got off the phone and the mekkanick down at the Subaru dealer. Hellifiknow is basically what the boys are saying. Battery checks good, alternater is alternatin, starter is starting and all systems are go. Hopefully this little mystery gets solved.
By the way, the picture was the scene outside our apartment. I'll be darned if it didn't snow a bit. 'Course I talked to dad and he said it was sunny and sixty in the big B town.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got a hankerin for a Jones...

So half my family is in Texas. That is where my older sister, Kresta, lives. Mom, Dad and Riley's Family went down there to witness Jeremy's baptism and Ethan's blessing. Jeremy is Kresta's oldest boy, Ethan is her most recent addition. I just can't believe that time has gone by that fast! I remember when Kresta brought Justin home for the first time! I also remember the first time I babysat Jeremy. Man, that kid had lungs! He just kept crying, so I loaded him up in Mom's car and drove till he fell asleep, somewhere north of Paul. Course, he might have been crying because of the insane amount of baby powder on his rear. I changed his diaper (the first one I had ever changed) and I remembered that you're supposed to put powder on the bum. The only powder I had was for my calf-ropin ropes (it makes the rope soft and fast). That is what he got, but I didn't know how much to put on... Well, the kid turned out alright, despite that mistreatment.
Some of ya'll won't believe this, but I just got back from working out. Crud, am I sore! I am not the physical specimen that I once was... I can't even lift my arms up over my head. Dadgum...
Last night Olivia and I had the sweet opportunity to view a film that I think is most worthy of an Oscar. That's right, Napoleon Dynamite. I still love that flick.
For those of you not around Moscow, the weather was cruddy yesterday, but this morning has been quite enjoyable.
As the title suggests, I am really craving a cold Jones Soda, but it's too early in the morning... Shout out to JTP III.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


No, I didn't break my nose, nor are we playing football. Olivia talked me in to cleansing my nose with some new fangled nose strip. It hurt to take the thing off, much worse than duct tape on lips. Maybe like waxing leg hair. All I know is it hurt.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Shift in Paradigm?

It has been a long time since I learned about a paradigm. Roughly 5 years ago, on the island of Japan. I never had heard the word until I went there. I was told to shift my paradigm, or change my way of thinking. At the time a quote came to my mind: "The first thing to do when you're dealin' with a slick S.O.B. is pin him down and change his oil." I have started to learn that the first oil change I need to do is with me. You know, "Kindness begins with me." Sometimes I am a bit quick to judge. I need to take my finger off the trigger, and maybe even keep the gun in the holster...
Moscow is not such a bad place. Olivia and I are attending a great ward. She is the Ward Chorister, I am the Elder's Quorum Secretary. Church is a nice blessing. We have also been blessed with good friends, both old and new. I sure miss my old friends, the folks that understood my usage of various verbs and such. I thank the new friends for putting up with such said verb usage. I don't think people can ever really understand how much good friends mean in this life. I feel bad for the feller that has never experienced the joy of a good friend.
Olivia and I have picked up a new habit, we have been playing a large amount of Scrabble. That is a fine game. It's nice to test your mettle when it comes to building a larger vocabulary. We have a good time.
The thing I miss the most is being able to spend ample time outside, running on four legs and chasing bovines. This is the longest stretch of time since I was in Japan that I haven't roped steers. I have taken to other pursuits, besides studies (if that was all I did I'd croak!), but nothing has quenched my thirst. I guess you could call roping an addiction, but it is one I have no desire to kick.
What keeps me going is my sweet wife and her loving support, along with that of friends and family. I am so glad I waited this long to find Olivia. I don't think I would have appreciated any other woman as much. I can say this because I have lived a little longer as a lone man in the wilderness. I am one lucky feller. No surprise there, though.
By the way, the picture is somewhere around Alamo NV. This was from last year's run to Hemmet. I still need to tell that story, you can see it in the archives, Hemmet Bound Prt. One. Then there is a line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,"When legend becomes fact, print the legend."