Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If you're gonna go GO BIG!

I had the sweet opportunity of riding a water weenie for the first time in my life yesterday. Boy Howdy! That was fun! The Park Avenue Singles Branch had a FHE activity down at Hobsons Dock. I hadn't been down there for a few years, used to go all the time when I was a youngin', with my buddy Craig. Anyhow, I had a sweet time riding and I learned that the best part of getting bucked off was taking people down with me. And I went off big time when it came down to it.

Haven't written about going to Reno, either. Course, I really can't say too much about Reno, as it might incriminate me. However, I will say this: It is good to drive a Ford, right, Linds? Anyway, the reason we headed down there was to watch the BFI, a who's who of the roping world. It was pretty good to watch, not only for entertainment, but for education. I learned some new things about my tie-down and positioning my feet. I think it will help. Saddest moment of the day was when Walt Woodard missed a steer that could have won him and Matt Sherwood a bucket of money. The whole place was wishing them the best. I guess there is always next year... (But they did kick some hiney at the Reno Rodeo, I watched them rope in the Slack on Wednesday, and they were a smooth 4.4 seconds. There are some of you that can't even do up your zipper that fast!)
We also went down to watch the Reno Rodeo Invitational, our buddies Hoggie and Hoggie were in it. It paid $100,000 a man to win it! and if you caught 3 steers you would get $3,500 , which was $1000 more than the fees were! Unfourtunatley the fellas had some hard luck and missed the 3 steer cut-off by 1.5 seconds. But, it is like Hoggie said, "It ain't like that was the last roping on earth, there'll be others." That is a life lesson in it self. Why get so wrapped up in outcomes of one event? There will be other chances.
After the roping there was a performance horse sale. WOW! they were some sweet horses. The one I thought would be nice went for a song and dance, only $13,000! That is NOT a small number, at least for a 4-year old gelding.
Speaking of 4-year olds, Kody, the paint horse and Will, the sorrel, are coming along nicely. Only had one good blow up with Will, he tried me pretty hard, but I stuck to him. Kody sometimes thinks he is a world champion buckin' horse, but that is all in his head.
Hope your world is good and that you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! Have a Good One!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Correct me if I am wrong, but are you asking for a challenge?

To be completely honest I can't fathom the fact that it is already June! Good crud, where'd the first few months go? Okay, now with that out of the way I would like to say to everyone: BOOYAH! You wanna know why I say BOOYAH? Well, basically because I can. Really no other reason.

If you are reading this blog to be blown away by some of astounding knowledge that I may share, I would like to appologize. I have no actual knowledge left in my brain. BUT I do have some interesting, but maybe not actually factual tidbits of information:
-You can hypnotize Chickens by using a stick and scratching the ground
-My truck has 2 gas tanks and that comes in very handy for a nice trick, running out in one tank and convincing people we are stranded
-Girls fight just because they can
-Divine proportion is 1.681 (Thank you Dan Brown)
-People DON'T listen to the first things you say on the telephone if they call the same place a lot (I answer the phone with the same greeting, which includes my name and people still call me Brent, my dad's name)
-My friend Joe can hypnotize cats, I think he is the true "Cat Whisperer..."
-It takes about 2.77 weeks for me to grow a sweet fumanchu, or goatee
-If you want real truth, ask someone who is younger than 10
-George Burns said that the key to a good sermon is a great beggining and a great ending and to make sure the two are close together
-"KISS Rules!"-Billy Shaw
-A Natoosee Leather Couch is perhaps one of the most comfortable couches produced
-The average heart beats 2 BILLION times over a lifetime
-People in the Land of the Rising Sun can play Paper Rock Scissors faster than any people on the planet
-Paper Rock Scissors can decide the most difficult problems. from whose toy is whose to whether the red button gets pushed

Okay, I have given you some sweeeeeet knowledge, now here comes the challenge: I want you to leave at least one useless peice of knowledge that has "changed your life." Keep it G-rated, please. I realize that the ones I have left don't mean much to ya'll, but one day you will understand...