Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All good things...

Or must all good things come to an end? I am looking down the barrel of the end of my intership. I am not going to B.S. you and say that it has all been roses, but it has been a great learning experinece. Like I told someone today, I have worked with a lot of good people and met a whole bunch of "interesting" folks. I would like to publically thank the IWUA for giving me this opportunity. You guys ROCK! If you are in the 1st Congressional District of Idaho remember to Vote in your primary on May 23, and VOTE SEMANKO!
If you are wondering what McCord will do next (not a rip off of Ford's "What will Phil do next?") I will not leave you all in suspence. I am running away and joining the Circus. Boo-yah! I heard The Ringling folks were hiring a bearded lady and I thought I would see if the ERA would help me get a job...
Seriously though, I am headed back to B-Town. I will take up my former position of HNIC at Burley Refrigeration, working for Mom and Dad. I like it, it is something I am decent at doing and they let me set my own hours. Yes, I will be roping, would you really expect anything else? C'mon... Hopefully I will convince my favorite header and my financial secretary to hit the road and rope in some IMPRA shows. If I get turned down, I will have to resort to begging and pleading... It might not help, but I'll do what it takes.
I also want to bounce up to Ricks on occasion to get a little groove on at the STRATA. Look out Rexburg! OH YEAH!
I would like to send out a jovial holler to those of you who have been there for me. I am not naming any names but you know who you are (an extra special shout out to one heckuva waitress at Applebee's, you rock!). The good times that I had in your various presences will not be forgotten. If you have the inlking to, just drop a line in the comment section, beleive me, I read them and reply...
Well folks, the workday is drawing to a close... I am looking forward to my commute out to Riley's. What a great life, I think Gary Alan hit it on the head: Life ain't always beautiful, but it is a beautiful ride...

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Have you ever felt like you had no idea what was going on in your life? Welcome to my world. I kinda am having one of those days that U2 talks about in a classic song: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I have done a lot and I have tons to be thankful for, but dang, I still fill a void in my heart.
Anyhow, lets move on, eh? The Legislature is winding down and we know what that means: Rodeo Season wil be upon us soon. Looking forward to it. All our bills have passed and are waiting the signiture from the governor. Not too bad.
Last night I got to go Home Teaching with Riley, that was cool. He is a darn fine man, good Father, husband, son and brother.
The other night I went out with Riley and the kids. Dang those little ones are observant. We were eating ice cream at ColdStone and Annabelle says to me "Uncle McCord, you're going to be a good daddy." I thanked her and pointed out that I needed a wife before I could become a dad. Then Addy piped up, "First you need a girlfreind! Uncle Jeff got a wife fast, how come you keep losing girls?" Darn good question... I don't know if I have a decent answer to that wonderful question. So I reckon I will have to do a bit of R&D. If any of you have good answers, I'd be obliged if you could offer suggestions.
In other news, the DNCFR was pretty good. Long night, though. I got home to Burley about 3:30 A.M. Sunday morning. Still got up to go to Church with Gramma Matthews at 10:00. Think I had better thank a few folks for making that a fun night: Roman, Ty, Devonie, Uncle Reed, Aunt Linda and most of all Mandy (for puting up with me). After the rodeo hit up the Green T and danced a bit. That was a hoot. We left before things got too crazy. Good times though...
The weather outside is looking pretty good and a bit breezy, course, if there wasn't any wind I wouldn't know how to stand up straight.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Willie Must Have More Endurance...

I think the reason Willie likes being on the road again is that he rides in a sweet tour bus and probably doesn't have to drive. I have been from one side of the state to the other side, and I am going to head back out as soon as I have lunch. I am headed back to Burley to hopefully rope tomorrow and then head up to the Dodge for the last performance. Thanks to Jay for the tickets. So for those of you wondering how many miles that is well, here is the math: from Star to I.F. is 299.30 miles and I did that twice-600 miles; now back to Pocatello that is another 256 miles, and yes, I will be coming back to Star Sunday night, so 512 round trip. Okay 1112 miles doesn't seem that much for my buddy Virgil, but that's plenty for me. I think it'll be worth it. I have a lunch date with my family in Burley tomorrow and probably rope and I might go watch my cousin's rodeo in Rupert before I head out to the Dodge.
I have also had some dang fine sushi this week. Went to the Blue Hashi in I.F. It's good, but I thought that Sakura Sushi in Eagle was better. I don't know, I just think that folks that are actually from the Orient make better sushi than guys from the U.S. Course, there was a Hawaiin kid in Iceburg that was pretty good. I guess I just like to see hendersized sushi. Oh well.
Anyhow, if you get a chance, try the Dragon Roll, it rocks! I reckon I will get on the road here soon, the quicker I leave the quicker I get where I am going...
On the road again...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Black, White, Cold and Hot Tub...

Last year there was a calf born, I don't know where he came from, but he had short stubby legs, a potbelly and he was black as coal. We bought him so Hooter could calf rope him, and from the get-go he was a bit different. He got too big real fast for Hooter to rope, so he graduated to the team ropin pen. He runs pretty darn fast and has short strides. He is one tough bugger to rope. Well, Hooter got a bit tougher, so we brought the little fella back to the calf ropin pen. Man, he'd give Hooter a run for his money. I roped him a few times, crazy to handle and if you didn't watch your step, he'd eat your lunch, and your neighbors as well. He got too heavy to calf rope, so back to the team ropin pen. He was dehorned, he's a crossbred, so we strap the plastic fakies on. Good crud, its hard to get them horns on that feller. He'll charge to take your hands out and shake his head trying to avoid the inevitable. He is pretty darn fun to rope, though. What makes him real fun is how tough he is to catch. His stubby legs are hard to time and add to it that he is still so light he just wangs out there on the hop, one tough catch. So, to rope him is a good satisfying feeling.
I got into Burley last night and it felt warm enough, so I was looking forward to roping. I got the steers up, caught the horses, saddled up and just as Hooter and I were mounting up to warm our horses up, the snow fell. Started out with just a few flakes, but they brought friends, lots of 'em, and big ones! Got bad enough that I couldn't see the end of the arena. We powered through and continued to rope. Dad showed up, as he was reffing a explorer ball game. I had saddled his horse, but forgot to cover it, so it was soaked. He ran the chute, what a dad. Course on one steer I hear him say, rope this one, no matter what the distraction. As we left the box he blew his ref whistle, I think it scared Poco (Hooter's horse). But he roped the steer anyway. I missed, my second miss of the night. My rope was basically a 35-foot string of mud and the glove I was wearing was caked as well. I was 4 for 6. Hooter roped pretty good. What made me smile was when Hooter turned that black steer, even with all that white snow falling and the fact I could barely see his legs I roped him slick and decently fast.
Another crazy event was when the little black flecked heifer escaped the back gate by popping the latching horseshoe off. She really is a mean little wench. I am pretty sure she'd a taken dad out if he'd gotten a bit closer. As it were, she ran down the alley and then got into the horse pen.
Heck, by the time we got done ropin' we were soaked and Hooter was freezing. It was snowing hard enough that I couldn't see worth a darn with the arena lights on and I shut 'em off to be able to see. We decided we try to rope tonite of the weather played fair. I hope it does.
Well, I went inside to eat dinner and thaw out. I watched a bit of TV with the folks and then was getting ready for bed when my phone rang. It was Roman. He and Dane were home enjoying "Spring Break" from ISU. They wanted to go hot tubbing and were calling to see if my folks would care if they used it. They thought I would be in Boise still, so they were surprised when I walked out the back door to greet them. Dane had been waiting for about 20 minutes... His date was in the back seat, he thought they'd have to change in the car. Funny thing was that the girls Roman brought with them were both 2004 grads of Burley High, and I had really no idea who they were. Oh well. We sat in the hot tub and man that felt gooooood. I am thinking that was one of the best purchases that Dad made since he bought the Sheesh wagon.
All I can say is its good to be home... Course, I'll be back on the road today. Guess the lesson is to happy for what you have right in front of you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Six Foot Town

Good song from Big and Rich, I hope folks take the chance and listen to a bit of B&R. Good stuff. Lots happened last week. I actually baby-sat for the first time in about five or six years... I am sorry to Jeremy, my nephew. I baby sat him when I was a senior. I changed his diaper and thought, man I need baby powder. None in the house. Viola! I had some in the horse trailer, more specifically in my rope can. I used tons of it to keep the ropes nice and fast. So, I piled that stuff on his little rump, stood him up and powder came out! Yeah, I think I used plenty... Anyway, I am a bit smarter now. I was sittin for my brother while he and his wife went to a class; Annabelle (6 and smart as all get out), Adylyn (4 going on 21) and Davis (3 and catches on to stuff a bit too quick sometimes). Anyhow as it was time for a movie, and we had to pick one. Of course, each kid wanted a different one. How to settle? Paper Rock Scissors (JonKenPo in Japan)! BOOYAH! I had them face off, winner chooses. I think that I have found a simple solution for the common fighting! I want to say this was not an original idea of mine, I learned it in Japan. I was at a daycare, where we did service, and two boys were playing with a toy and one took it from the other. The boy without the toy cried to the teacher. The boy who took the toy stated that they had played JonKen and he won. There was no further argument. It was settled. I am going to try to use that when one day I become a dad. I think it is right next to genuis!
Right now I'm sittin in I.F. at the Shilo Inn for Ditch Rider Workshops. It is pretty durned informative. It is good to see people who get passionate about their work!
Tonight I will be in the Magic Valley and I will hopefully be chasin some steers and soaking in the hot tub. NICE!
Last night I went out on the town with some really nice folks. We hit the Blue Hashi. Pretty good sushi, the miso was good and the tempura was delicious. It is always fun to see people who never had sushi give it a try. The look on Virgil's face when he ate wasabi was great. Course, he got me by leaving a good glob on his last peace and then generously offering it to me. I ate it, woooooh. If you've never had wasabi, give it a shot. Its great to clear your sinus when you are congested. Speaking of wasabi, I remember at Heslop's farewell party Itakura filled a shoe-cream with wasabi and we had a eating contest. Heslop had the one filled with wasabi, we all crammed them into our face, Heslop dang near died. Hontoni waratta yo! Onaka ga itakunatta noni waratta! Gomen Rop-chan!
Well folks, hope you all are living and living well!!!
By the way, that is Ady and Anna, KAWAII! (They're cute, eh?)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Just don't step in anything...

That, my friends, is how I tell folks not to get in any trouble. Wish I could take my own medicine. I don't get into much, but it seems like when it rains it pours. I just hope the holes in my slicker aren't too awfully big... As I type this there is a whale of a storm outside and I am in a hotel room in Idaho Falls. I have a mirror in front of my computer and I am looking into the eyes of the man that I am and I am thinking "Who are you anyhow?" Of course, I know the general answers to the questions. I am a son of good parents, a brother to good siblings, the uncle to wonderful nieces and nephews. I am a decent worker and a man with ideas, dreams and visions. My long term things are pretty much water tight (pardon the pun for those in the know of what I want to be up to...). I just wish that I could get over not knowing what will happen by the end of the day, week or month. You never know and I need to accept that. I know that most of what I am saying here is for my benefit, but this is kind of therapeutic. I know that this isn't read too much by very many people. Its not really important, but its good to get my feelings out there...
-K- Enough of that emotional gobbledie gook. I am glad to be where I am. You know, sometimes I don't thank Heavenly Father for what I DON'T have. I don't have a reason not to trust those that I love. I don't have a relationship destined for destruction. I don't have a car payment, mortgage, alimony, court fees, outstanding warrants (that I know of), fierce enemies, or a price on my head. Good Crud! What a great list!
So I am here to go to meetings and introduce myself to a committee that chose me for my current position. I had the opportunity to travel home to Burley with Dad and Mom. We took kinda the long way home. We went out through Murphy and Bruno, it was my first time in Owyhee County. It was pretty country, if you like that brown desert look (and I do). Then I went to church in my home ward. I love that ward. Just like the song from Cheers, its where every body knows my name. Nice. Met Norm at the 211 exit and we rolled on up to I.F. It was a good chance to get to know more about each other. I work with a pretty amazing guy. I think he will make a great Congressman, he is a Statesman, not a politician, in my mind. The best part is I got to visit some good people that I know in Rexburg. Nate and Lydia are so happy and things sound in order for their welding. Mary is doing good (good luck on your tests, girl!). The Jones girls looked pretty happy. I learned about new people that I had never met. Pretty good stuff.
I tell you what I am really lookin forward to is roping the next time I go home. I tell you, I have had a lot of off days roping, but the worst day roping is better than the best day at work! Hope all of you are living good and well. Remember: Just don't step in anything!
By the way, that is Dad, Cody and me this last summer before we teed off and had a little fun. Check out that SWEEEET goatee. Booyah!!!