Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Six Foot Town

Good song from Big and Rich, I hope folks take the chance and listen to a bit of B&R. Good stuff. Lots happened last week. I actually baby-sat for the first time in about five or six years... I am sorry to Jeremy, my nephew. I baby sat him when I was a senior. I changed his diaper and thought, man I need baby powder. None in the house. Viola! I had some in the horse trailer, more specifically in my rope can. I used tons of it to keep the ropes nice and fast. So, I piled that stuff on his little rump, stood him up and powder came out! Yeah, I think I used plenty... Anyway, I am a bit smarter now. I was sittin for my brother while he and his wife went to a class; Annabelle (6 and smart as all get out), Adylyn (4 going on 21) and Davis (3 and catches on to stuff a bit too quick sometimes). Anyhow as it was time for a movie, and we had to pick one. Of course, each kid wanted a different one. How to settle? Paper Rock Scissors (JonKenPo in Japan)! BOOYAH! I had them face off, winner chooses. I think that I have found a simple solution for the common fighting! I want to say this was not an original idea of mine, I learned it in Japan. I was at a daycare, where we did service, and two boys were playing with a toy and one took it from the other. The boy without the toy cried to the teacher. The boy who took the toy stated that they had played JonKen and he won. There was no further argument. It was settled. I am going to try to use that when one day I become a dad. I think it is right next to genuis!
Right now I'm sittin in I.F. at the Shilo Inn for Ditch Rider Workshops. It is pretty durned informative. It is good to see people who get passionate about their work!
Tonight I will be in the Magic Valley and I will hopefully be chasin some steers and soaking in the hot tub. NICE!
Last night I went out on the town with some really nice folks. We hit the Blue Hashi. Pretty good sushi, the miso was good and the tempura was delicious. It is always fun to see people who never had sushi give it a try. The look on Virgil's face when he ate wasabi was great. Course, he got me by leaving a good glob on his last peace and then generously offering it to me. I ate it, woooooh. If you've never had wasabi, give it a shot. Its great to clear your sinus when you are congested. Speaking of wasabi, I remember at Heslop's farewell party Itakura filled a shoe-cream with wasabi and we had a eating contest. Heslop had the one filled with wasabi, we all crammed them into our face, Heslop dang near died. Hontoni waratta yo! Onaka ga itakunatta noni waratta! Gomen Rop-chan!
Well folks, hope you all are living and living well!!!
By the way, that is Ady and Anna, KAWAII! (They're cute, eh?)

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