Friday, March 27, 2009

What a day, huh?

Here is the thing: I used to write and publish online whatever was on my mind. Some people like what I say, some don't I really have no problem with that. Most of what I have written has been a slight travelogue with me trying to find meaning to it. If you like what I have to say, feel free to keep reading, but if what I have to say bothers you: DON'T READ IT! I am not out to hack on anybody, I don't really care enough about what people think I think. I am not here to rag on folks and be negative.
The other day something that I said was taken out of context and used to show that I am an intolerant person. I am sorry that they were offended by what I said. However, I would like to quote Brigham Young: "Woe unto the man who takes offense where none is given, for he is a fool. But also woe unto the man who takes offense where it is given, for he is a fool as well."
If you want to keep up with Olivia and me on Facebook, search for Olivia and ask her to be a friend... Also remember that in communication with me (remember communication is the exchange of ideas, this blog is not an exchange this is just me, and sometimes Olivia, blabbering) face to face is best. In fact, I would like to leave this subject with a quote from my father: "Email is a chicken shit way to talk to someone. If you have something to say pick up the phone and call someone or do something novel, like talk to 'em face to face."
Now on to important stuff: Olivia and I are working on getting ready for the baby. We have the car seat, the crib and the stroller. Shopping for baby stuff is interesting to say the least. Everything is so little, but so dadgumm expensive. I wish I could say money is no object, but this kid might just end up sleeping on clean straw... Just kidding, please don't report me to Health and Human Services...
Life has been fun this last month. Tim and Pat (our landlords) have been in St. George, so Olivia and I have been Bentley sitting. She is such a funny dog, she just thinks she is one of the gang. If you are going, she wants to go. If you sit down, she wants to lay at your feet. She loves following me around as I hike all over the place.
Olivia is starting to feel better, other than her back. She is sore and stiff, but I think she is mostly happy. It is pretty neat to feel the baby jump and move around. He gets pretty active when we are going to bed at night. It is nuts to see Olivia's tummy jumping and moving around. It is friggin neat.
I am pretty excited to become a dad. I hope I can be a good one.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just deactivated my account on Facebook. Some of you who are in Moscow might know why... I think I will stick to blogging, since not everybody knows my address. You will still be able to keep up with Olivia on FB, so feel free to.
More to come on this subject later...