Thursday, January 22, 2009

It has been a while...

We haven't updated the blog for a while, so I think we will take a minute to do so now.
We had a pretty good time on the trip home, lots of family time, work and a little play. My favorite part was getting to ride Forrest, the horse that I broke the first summer of our marriage. He is coming along nicely and hopefully will be ready to rope when we leave Hippieville. Another fun thing we did was watch Sarah, Olivia's younger sister, who is 6'3", play a basketball game. What a hoot! She kinda towers over the other players. If that girl gets too good she will have colleges knocking down the door by the time she is a junior!
As of today, we have been in classes for almost two weeks. Time flies everywhere but in the classroom. I swear it feels like all we do is travel back and forth to school... Oh well. Olivia has some fun classes (at least I think they sound a whole lot more fun that Law School), one of which is Japanese History. I get a kick out of some of the things she hears and is learning. My classes are going to be a bit of busy work in three, the other two I will struggle to stay awake for... Lecture classes pretty much bite the big one, but who am I to tell the school what to do?
Work has been fun. I am trying to talk Charles into changing the sign to read "Congratulations Mr. President: Gun Salesman of the Year." I don't know if he'll do it, but it sure would be a hoot.
Olivia is feeling a bit tired and her tummy is expanding. The other day I felt The Boy move. it was pretty freaking neat.
I am going to see if Olivia has anything to add, surely she will have something... I am getting the "Maybe later" look from her... So this will do for now...