Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Finals Weeks...

I never thought it would come, but my last final is fast approaching, it is on Monday. I only have this one final and I am having a tough time getting up the "give a darn" to study for it. Personally, I think that it should be policy of the U of I College of Law to waive all finals for third year students. Not possible, but it'd be nice.
In other news, and probably more newsworthy, Olivia and Harrison are in Burley, on vacation. Olivia is actually doing recon work, checking out our rental and getting things in order for our move back to B-Town. FYI: we are moving after finals to Burley. I will study for the bar there and take it in Boise. We have rented a home south of town, thanks to very wonderful people. We will be in a Pella ward. After I take the bar, I am going to open my own solo practice. It is extremely scary, but pretty exciting.
Olivia and Baby Son will be home next Monday. Meanwhile they are staying with Grandma Risa and visiting with some of our family that is in Burley. Hopefully, Olivia will update as to her trip to Clovis, NM to visit my sister, Kresta, and her family. It sounds like it was quite the trip.
Also, Harrison is taking steps and making lots of noise. It is fun when Olivia gives him the phone and he laughs at me, or he giggles because he finally gets to hold the phone. I miss my little family, but it is okay, this will be over soon.
Well, this is a short update, but not too much has changed. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, if needed. Thanks!