Friday, April 21, 2006

The $3200 Scholarship

So, here is a lesson in math: 1 new engine for an Olds 98 $3150, gas $50, new windsheild $150 and a Check from BYU-I Ag Dept for $200 makes the cost of my $200 Scholarship $3200.

I was driving to Rexburg to recieve this award in Mom's car. About American Falls I noticeted that the car was wanting to shut down and she was billowing smoke and her oil pressure died. I climbed the first off ramp by the Pioneer Tractor dealership and called Mom. She drove my truck there and Dad followed with the Sheesh wagon and a flatbed. We loaded up the car and I hit the road, about 2 hours behind my plan. Got to the dinner an hour late, just in time to recieve my award. I looked great (suit, tie and matching hankie) and had a hottie for a date (You rock, hot chick!); so I had a great entrance. Oh yeah!

After the dinner we hit up the campus country dance night for a spell. I danced in my suit, well, I shed the jacket. But it was good fun. Left for a bit and came back with proper dancing atire. Good fun (really more than I can explain, for safety's sake). I crashed at Glen and Denise's place. I tell you what. In all my travels I have noticed that it is a far better deal to stay with married people. They are cleaner than an apartment full of sinlge guys, have better blankets and nicer places.

Think about it, I am sure you might know of what I speak. This is the real reason I go to so many weddings. It isn't just to see the bliss of others, but to build up social credit. People remember some things and if you do give a good gift or at least save a life during a wedding, people remember. Then they let you sleep on their floor. See, I am basically a genious in disguise...

Any how, I got back on the road to go home and noticed a chip in the windshield. DRATTS!!! So my little award is great, but I will have to work like hell to pay for it! I think next year I will just write a nice thank you and tell them someone else can enjoy the blessings.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Too little too late...

Too little sleep that is, and too darn late last night. I went up to Iceburg and hit up the country dance scene at the Strata, way too much fun! I haven't been dancing in a place without alchohol or smokers for about 4 months. It was great! I like not having to worry about the sobriety of my dance partner, course, I am sure some of mine wondered about me... I, of course, was not drunk, I have never even tasted the garbage! Lemme tell you, what makes me go is havin good fun and there ain't no more fun than good dancin, cept maybe good ropin. I think my Uncle Blaine used to say every day, when he was a kid, looking in the mirror, "Who is the greatest guy in town and why am I? Because I can dance." Yup. Me too. Just ask the girls that had the chance to last night, I am thinking they would all agree, and out of two or three witnesses.... Booyah!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stair wells and small dogs... Part One

What a weekend... I started early Friday morning and jumped on a plane to SLC. Met a new friend, Gary. He was a good man headed to go skiing with his buddies. We had a good chat about life and what was going on in the world. I was met by Lillian and Blake. Blake was one of my companions in the mission. He is a good man, studying music at BYU. Lillian is Blake's girlfreind, she is a sweet gal. They rock as a couple. I love seeing people happy together, I think I see that in them. We went to the new Joseph Smith film. WOW what a great show. As we were watching I kept thinking it was because of that wonderful man that I am who and where I am. Thans to Joseph's prayer and his desire to know the truth, I have what I have. I couldn't help it, I bawled like a baby. I was just so thankful for all I have. After the show we headed down to Provo. We hooked up with Aaron, one of our other doki and a former mission companion. We went to Demae, a great Japanese restaraunt in Provo, soooo good. After that we cleaned up and off to Springville for the misson reunion. That was way fun! Good crud, it was great to see lots of folks. Josh showed up and the fun began. We talked about stuff that both of us had completely forgot about. Josh was my trainer and we sure had some crazy times. The great thing is that all our fun isn't in the past. We had another episode at the reunion. We had been joking about someone that we both knew and you know what they say, speak of the devil and he is sure to appear. Well that person walked right in... Tehehehe. We busted out laughing and proceeded to laugh so hard that we had to go outside. The dogs in the neighborhood barked at us... It was crazy. Then a few of us gathered up and went to the Hunt's house for some sukiyaki, boy howdy, that was soooo good... So, after the sukiyaki Josh and I were off to Provo so I could crash at Blake's. We laughed so hard on the way that I almost lost my cookies, as well as the sukiyaki...
Wasn't Conference great? WOW. I loved Elder Neilson's talk. Of course, they were all good, but that was sweet. I actually got to see Preisthood session live, Joe got tickets, props to Joe! I sat next to John Gochnour, the last time he and I watched a session together live was when we were 13 or 14, and that was in the Tabernacle. Crazy. (After the session we went up to a sweet pizza joint, the best pie I have ever had!) Back to Provo with Jonny G. Joe let me use his wheels to drive around. What a guy, that Joe. Over to Mary's folks' to bed down.
I would just like to pause here and thank everyone of my friends. I am so dadgummed blessed! I had the opportunity to spend time with quite a few of the freinds that the Lord has given to me. You guys and girls are all great. I wouldn't want to overlook all of those whom I haven't seen for a while. What are you all thinkin? How'd you end up with me? I'm sure glad you all put up with me. You all put up with me and all my bad habits and problems. Thanks so much!
Sorry to get all mushed up... I will continue again soon...