Friday, April 21, 2006

The $3200 Scholarship

So, here is a lesson in math: 1 new engine for an Olds 98 $3150, gas $50, new windsheild $150 and a Check from BYU-I Ag Dept for $200 makes the cost of my $200 Scholarship $3200.

I was driving to Rexburg to recieve this award in Mom's car. About American Falls I noticeted that the car was wanting to shut down and she was billowing smoke and her oil pressure died. I climbed the first off ramp by the Pioneer Tractor dealership and called Mom. She drove my truck there and Dad followed with the Sheesh wagon and a flatbed. We loaded up the car and I hit the road, about 2 hours behind my plan. Got to the dinner an hour late, just in time to recieve my award. I looked great (suit, tie and matching hankie) and had a hottie for a date (You rock, hot chick!); so I had a great entrance. Oh yeah!

After the dinner we hit up the campus country dance night for a spell. I danced in my suit, well, I shed the jacket. But it was good fun. Left for a bit and came back with proper dancing atire. Good fun (really more than I can explain, for safety's sake). I crashed at Glen and Denise's place. I tell you what. In all my travels I have noticed that it is a far better deal to stay with married people. They are cleaner than an apartment full of sinlge guys, have better blankets and nicer places.

Think about it, I am sure you might know of what I speak. This is the real reason I go to so many weddings. It isn't just to see the bliss of others, but to build up social credit. People remember some things and if you do give a good gift or at least save a life during a wedding, people remember. Then they let you sleep on their floor. See, I am basically a genious in disguise...

Any how, I got back on the road to go home and noticed a chip in the windshield. DRATTS!!! So my little award is great, but I will have to work like hell to pay for it! I think next year I will just write a nice thank you and tell them someone else can enjoy the blessings.


Josh said...
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Josh said...

I didn't think that you owned a suit anymore. In fact, if I saw you in a suit again I'd probably have flash backs to you ridin' that old mama chari and crashing into and innocent railing.

Anonymous said...

I know it has been forever since I have read your blog and I know I have never commented on this before. Wow there is a first time for everything. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and that I appreciate the compliment you paid me. Thanks for saying I looked nice. You didn't look half bad yourself. And for the record you may have danced in a suit but I had to dance in three inch heels. Now that is an accomplishment. As expensive as that scholorship was wouldn't you say it was worth it? I hope you are having a great week. I will talk to you later.