Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh the Places I've been...

No this isn't a travelog of where I have been in my life, because, let's face it: I am well traveled.
I am talking about the emotional journey I have been on the last weeks. I have fighting off the crazy demons of Boredom and Laziness. Do you know these fellas? They aren't really nice guys. They make everything seem old and crusty, tastless. Food seems drab, nothing seems cool. Not even flying down a road at 100MPH doesn't cut it. Sad, too sad. But once again, my positivist outlook has kicked in! I have so much to do! I just need to get out and experince it. I reckon I might not have anyone to share the journey with at my side, but I will someday. When that day comes I will have many a tale to tell about things I have done and places I have journeyed to. How great will that be?

I tell you now that I am looking out the window and I can see mountains and places to go that I have been before, but I need to revisit. I am going to hit the road. No, no long journey to foreign lands (I'll leave that to Mom). I am going to see what my home has to offer. Mt. Harrison, Elba, Almo, City of Rocks, Big Cottonwood, Trapper Creek, Birch Creek, Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Oakley and all the cool stuff in my preverbial back yard. Here I come. Booyah!

By the way, since I last blogged I have been roping in Nampa, didn't do any good (got the Flu and roped every steer turned for me). I have also been working for Mom and Dad. Fun stuff.

Hope you all are well and dandy! Have a Good 'Un!

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