Wednesday, August 19, 2009

McCord's take on his recent vacation...

Well, we just rolled back into Moscow last night. We had a good ride. While we were gone a lot happened. I helped my dad work on his shop. (The wood and the steel for the shop are all from salvage jobs. Some of the wood came from the old Overland School. Some of the wood came from a potato cellar tear-down. The steel beam for the overhead door header is from the old Murtagh bridge. It is probably over 80 years old. No, my dad is not green, but the cost on all this stuff was low, it has cost him less than $600 for the wood and steel, for a shop that is 30x40' with 12.5' tall.) I also worked at Burley Refrigeration. That was fun. Sometimes I miss fixing things, but I always remember why I left that field.
I also got Forest started roping. It was not without events... He bucked with Annabelle (my niece) and she stuck it to him like a pro, for ten seconds. Then she made a hasty exit. We put her back on and she was shaking so bad, that Forest bucked again, harder. She really stayed in the middle, but came of when he went vertical. What an experience... I got on him and worked him over. I started roping on him the next night. I roped about 50 head on him while we were home. I would have taken him to the Big Dog, but two nights before the roping Forest went vertical on me and I thought it would be better to take a horse that was really broke. So I borrowed one from Mikey, a cute little paint mare. She was really fun. I made it to the short go with my cousin, Brandon. Had I caught 6 feet instead of 3, we would have won some cash. As it was, my buddy John ended up winning a little. It was great to see that happen.
There is more to this vacation, and I am sure Olivia and I will update this soon.