Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Very Quickly...

We're alive and doing well. Since April we have:
  • Celebrated Harrison's 2nd Birthday
  • Gone to the library and (indoor) pool 4 days of the week
  • Taken lots of short weekend trips, mostly for family occasions
  • Visited Moscow for a day and ate the best BBQ in the world
  • Continually been amused and baffled by peoples stupidity
  • Been extremely blessed with good health and safety
  • Felt and experienced lots of changes with the new baby
I am exactly 30 weeks today and can hardly stand it! My hands and feet swell on and off, but continuously feel like fire all. the. time. I sleep without covers with the fan on high while Mac is wrapped in the quilt.
Harrison's vocal vocabulary is finally exploding and I am so happy that he is better learning to communicate with us. He's not forming short phrases or sentences often which concerns me, and he often talks just through his lips without moving the rest of his jaw and mouth. He also no longer cries when I set him on the potty. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Mac stays busy with work. Because of the (finally) warm weather, he's been roping a lot more. He also went to Reno with his Dad and friend Clint for the Reno Rodeo and Bob Fiest Invitational (200 of the Worlds Best Team Ropers) for Fathers Day. We're glad he had a great time, but also very glad to have him home even though he was only gone for three days :)