Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just thought I would take a quick second, before I start what might become a hectic day, to wish y'all a merry Christmas. It has been a great year and I am glad we are finally where we are. We have been blessed by family and friends, in ways too numerous to list. Let me just say that without all of you, none of what we do would be possible.
Quick update on the McCord Larsen Family: I have been helping Mom and Dad a little by tearing out the Kitchen in their house. When we are done, Mom will have a huge kitchen. It really has been a heck of a project. I am also training a new horse to rope, his name is Spooky, and he is about 14.1 hands and 10 year old. Jet black with the cutest little head ever. He is Darwin Jensen's horse, and a stud, but you would never know he is a stud, he is pretty flippin' gentle. I think he will come right along.
Olivia has been busy the last week making Christmas Chocolates with her mother. They made a metric ton of candy this year, which is always raved about by whoever receives it. She also has been busy with decorating our little home with the limited resources we have. She does such a great job.
Harrison has figured out that shaking his head means something, unfortunately, he thinks it means "yes." So, you can ask him if he wants more candy and he will violently shake his head and sign "please." It is a bit confusing, and very funny. He enjoyed the lights when we went to Rock Creek and he LOVED the camel. I think this kid has the same problem his parents have, but worse: he loves animals. (Olivia likes "pets" and I like stock animals, Harrison likes them all).
Pictures to follow, hopefully...

Monday, December 13, 2010

We're mobile!!!

FYI: the reason for the text color change is so things can be read on iPhones, iPads and Blackberrys. Olivia didn't sound too excited about the deal, but now we can read it from mobile devices, so check us out on the bus, train or plane. Please don't blog and drive, I mean, I could defend you, but I'd rather you spent you're money on Christmas for the kids...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some gifts...

Not to sound ungrateful, but nobody told me that the little rider toy that Alison and Riley gave Harrison was a talking toy. Not only does it talk, but it is bilingual. I do not mind that fact, I think a little second language is good for the boy, but the damn toy is stuck in Spanish. He's only been riding it for 10 minutes this morning and I am ready to set it on fire!
Seriously though, life in the Larsen home has been good. We are safe and warm and you cannot really ask for more. I have been working like a red-headed stepchild and learning a lot. I have cases in all sorts of areas of the law, it really is fun not knowing what will come through the door next, but it does mean I have to say something most attorneys never want to say to a client: "I don't know..." There just is so much out there to know. The fun part is, despite what D-Mac at U of I Law said, that in a small town people are okay with that.
Just FYI to all those traveling through Southern Idaho this season: please feel free to stop by! We do miss our friends from all parts of our life together, those from childhood all the way through law skool. Just give us a holler, we can meet up for a meal out by the freeway if you want, or you can come way off the beaten path and visit our humble home.
Hope all of you are doing well this Christmas Season. I hope Olivia makes a post with her decorations, she is having a good time decking our halls, or hall, as it is.