Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some gifts...

Not to sound ungrateful, but nobody told me that the little rider toy that Alison and Riley gave Harrison was a talking toy. Not only does it talk, but it is bilingual. I do not mind that fact, I think a little second language is good for the boy, but the damn toy is stuck in Spanish. He's only been riding it for 10 minutes this morning and I am ready to set it on fire!
Seriously though, life in the Larsen home has been good. We are safe and warm and you cannot really ask for more. I have been working like a red-headed stepchild and learning a lot. I have cases in all sorts of areas of the law, it really is fun not knowing what will come through the door next, but it does mean I have to say something most attorneys never want to say to a client: "I don't know..." There just is so much out there to know. The fun part is, despite what D-Mac at U of I Law said, that in a small town people are okay with that.
Just FYI to all those traveling through Southern Idaho this season: please feel free to stop by! We do miss our friends from all parts of our life together, those from childhood all the way through law skool. Just give us a holler, we can meet up for a meal out by the freeway if you want, or you can come way off the beaten path and visit our humble home.
Hope all of you are doing well this Christmas Season. I hope Olivia makes a post with her decorations, she is having a good time decking our halls, or hall, as it is.

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kresta shay said...

had to laugh. crazy talking toys are such fun dear brother!