Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So here we are, just before Thanksgiving, and we have so much to be thankful for. Firstly, McCord passed the Bar and is working. A Lot.

Next, our families is taking such good care of us. Vance and Joan are letting us stay in the house until the spring so the business can get rolling. Unfortunately I am too lazy to unpack to boxes that have been sitting downstairs since May. We can deal.
We also are invited to dinners quite often, which means I don't have to cook and cleanup is minimal :)

Third, for this little stinkbug:

He's recently learned to "cheese" it. Don't know where, or how because I'm sure we didn't teach him that. Smart little kid will say cheese every time the camera or our phones come out. And he must use real utensils to eat. None of that small colored plastic stuff. Hence the splattering of chocolate pudding all over his face and clothes. Ahhh, but I love this kid. Every night we snuggle up before bed and identify facial features and body parts. He understands them all, except his belly button. It is regularly confused with mans unmentionables. I don't understand it. But we're learning. And I love it.

Last, but not least, the gospel. As we've struggled to make ends meet these past few months I keep referring to my patriarchal blessing for comfort. There's been a few weeks where there was nothing (in monetary terms). McCord's pickup has been in the shop for two months and still there was nothing. I honestly don't know how people can make it through without the knowledge that Christ lives, he loves us, and will help us if we are obedient and faithful. We have scriptures to guide and direct us, to find answers and comfort.
I really love our ward. They have been so sweet and supportive. I especially love their stories and testimonies. I find such comfort in hearing their woes and sorrows only to find that because of their faithfulness, all things came out ok. Not perfect, but just enough to grow. These little trails are preparing us for some big trial, or mid life crisis, in order for us to be more obedient and faithful. Heavenly Father has something waiting for us to receive and wants us to fully appreciate his blessings.

So there we are folks. In Burley and lovin life. But not this weather.
Really? It just had to be windy and snowing and freezing cold for Thanksgiving?


kresta shay said...

I love, love your cheese! my boys had some confusion with belly buttons too. :) we have some great family! you all rock and we miss ya'll. hugs, kresta

kresta shay said...

I just realized H is going into nursery!!!! congrats on surviving thus far.