Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Black, White, Cold and Hot Tub...

Last year there was a calf born, I don't know where he came from, but he had short stubby legs, a potbelly and he was black as coal. We bought him so Hooter could calf rope him, and from the get-go he was a bit different. He got too big real fast for Hooter to rope, so he graduated to the team ropin pen. He runs pretty darn fast and has short strides. He is one tough bugger to rope. Well, Hooter got a bit tougher, so we brought the little fella back to the calf ropin pen. Man, he'd give Hooter a run for his money. I roped him a few times, crazy to handle and if you didn't watch your step, he'd eat your lunch, and your neighbors as well. He got too heavy to calf rope, so back to the team ropin pen. He was dehorned, he's a crossbred, so we strap the plastic fakies on. Good crud, its hard to get them horns on that feller. He'll charge to take your hands out and shake his head trying to avoid the inevitable. He is pretty darn fun to rope, though. What makes him real fun is how tough he is to catch. His stubby legs are hard to time and add to it that he is still so light he just wangs out there on the hop, one tough catch. So, to rope him is a good satisfying feeling.
I got into Burley last night and it felt warm enough, so I was looking forward to roping. I got the steers up, caught the horses, saddled up and just as Hooter and I were mounting up to warm our horses up, the snow fell. Started out with just a few flakes, but they brought friends, lots of 'em, and big ones! Got bad enough that I couldn't see the end of the arena. We powered through and continued to rope. Dad showed up, as he was reffing a explorer ball game. I had saddled his horse, but forgot to cover it, so it was soaked. He ran the chute, what a dad. Course on one steer I hear him say, rope this one, no matter what the distraction. As we left the box he blew his ref whistle, I think it scared Poco (Hooter's horse). But he roped the steer anyway. I missed, my second miss of the night. My rope was basically a 35-foot string of mud and the glove I was wearing was caked as well. I was 4 for 6. Hooter roped pretty good. What made me smile was when Hooter turned that black steer, even with all that white snow falling and the fact I could barely see his legs I roped him slick and decently fast.
Another crazy event was when the little black flecked heifer escaped the back gate by popping the latching horseshoe off. She really is a mean little wench. I am pretty sure she'd a taken dad out if he'd gotten a bit closer. As it were, she ran down the alley and then got into the horse pen.
Heck, by the time we got done ropin' we were soaked and Hooter was freezing. It was snowing hard enough that I couldn't see worth a darn with the arena lights on and I shut 'em off to be able to see. We decided we try to rope tonite of the weather played fair. I hope it does.
Well, I went inside to eat dinner and thaw out. I watched a bit of TV with the folks and then was getting ready for bed when my phone rang. It was Roman. He and Dane were home enjoying "Spring Break" from ISU. They wanted to go hot tubbing and were calling to see if my folks would care if they used it. They thought I would be in Boise still, so they were surprised when I walked out the back door to greet them. Dane had been waiting for about 20 minutes... His date was in the back seat, he thought they'd have to change in the car. Funny thing was that the girls Roman brought with them were both 2004 grads of Burley High, and I had really no idea who they were. Oh well. We sat in the hot tub and man that felt gooooood. I am thinking that was one of the best purchases that Dad made since he bought the Sheesh wagon.
All I can say is its good to be home... Course, I'll be back on the road today. Guess the lesson is to happy for what you have right in front of you.

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