Monday, March 06, 2006

Just don't step in anything...

That, my friends, is how I tell folks not to get in any trouble. Wish I could take my own medicine. I don't get into much, but it seems like when it rains it pours. I just hope the holes in my slicker aren't too awfully big... As I type this there is a whale of a storm outside and I am in a hotel room in Idaho Falls. I have a mirror in front of my computer and I am looking into the eyes of the man that I am and I am thinking "Who are you anyhow?" Of course, I know the general answers to the questions. I am a son of good parents, a brother to good siblings, the uncle to wonderful nieces and nephews. I am a decent worker and a man with ideas, dreams and visions. My long term things are pretty much water tight (pardon the pun for those in the know of what I want to be up to...). I just wish that I could get over not knowing what will happen by the end of the day, week or month. You never know and I need to accept that. I know that most of what I am saying here is for my benefit, but this is kind of therapeutic. I know that this isn't read too much by very many people. Its not really important, but its good to get my feelings out there...
-K- Enough of that emotional gobbledie gook. I am glad to be where I am. You know, sometimes I don't thank Heavenly Father for what I DON'T have. I don't have a reason not to trust those that I love. I don't have a relationship destined for destruction. I don't have a car payment, mortgage, alimony, court fees, outstanding warrants (that I know of), fierce enemies, or a price on my head. Good Crud! What a great list!
So I am here to go to meetings and introduce myself to a committee that chose me for my current position. I had the opportunity to travel home to Burley with Dad and Mom. We took kinda the long way home. We went out through Murphy and Bruno, it was my first time in Owyhee County. It was pretty country, if you like that brown desert look (and I do). Then I went to church in my home ward. I love that ward. Just like the song from Cheers, its where every body knows my name. Nice. Met Norm at the 211 exit and we rolled on up to I.F. It was a good chance to get to know more about each other. I work with a pretty amazing guy. I think he will make a great Congressman, he is a Statesman, not a politician, in my mind. The best part is I got to visit some good people that I know in Rexburg. Nate and Lydia are so happy and things sound in order for their welding. Mary is doing good (good luck on your tests, girl!). The Jones girls looked pretty happy. I learned about new people that I had never met. Pretty good stuff.
I tell you what I am really lookin forward to is roping the next time I go home. I tell you, I have had a lot of off days roping, but the worst day roping is better than the best day at work! Hope all of you are living good and well. Remember: Just don't step in anything!
By the way, that is Dad, Cody and me this last summer before we teed off and had a little fun. Check out that SWEEEET goatee. Booyah!!!

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