Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, I 'd have to say I am one lucky feller

I haven't been on here since last week cause I been traveling. I went on "tour" to help out with the IWUA's Pesticide Applicator's Recertification Workshops. Went home to Burley for the first one and slept in my bed at home for the first time in a month, soooo nice. That was Tuesaday. First meeting was on Wednesday. Good turnout and all. Then I loaded up with dad and Hooter and we went over to Filer to go ropin. Fun stuff, heck, I roped pretty fair for not being on a horse for over a month. A darn good friend gave me a ride over to Jerome, as I was staying in a HOTEL in JEROME (crazy, I know. I have never stayed in a hotel in Jerome, never needed to). Good trun out at the meeting in Jerome. Then off to Ada. Went to Nampa for the last of the meetings on Friday. I was sitting in the back of the room, dinkin around on my computer. Checked my email and saw one from LSAC (Law School Admissoins Council) and realized they had sent my test scores! I am not a complete moron, but I am far from being a legal smartee pants. I think with my grades I will be able to get into the Law School I am shooting for. Nice huh? Yeah.
I helped Riley paint his kitchen on Saturday. Looks pretty darn good if you ask me. Truth be told, I didn't really paint too much. Riley is a great painter. His kitchen looks great. Spent some quality time with Davis Annabelle and Adylyn. Good fun.
Hope all is well for everyone out there. I am doing well and having a good time, hope you are too!
Its okay, Huh... Yeah, Its okay....


Lindsey said...

Yeah Its OK!
Man I havent heard that in a while

Hope all is well!

Luv, Linds

Josh said...

You sack, good to hear that your doing something with your life. I on the other hand am still trying to hang on to my youth, if there is any of it left that is. If you ever want to read something crazy or just plain stupid you can read my blog at

Talk to you later.