Monday, November 19, 2007

Lewiston or BUST: Well maybe...

We climbed into Olivia's Subaru to head down to Lewiston. Liv was driving because I am taking cold medication that makes me drowsy. (I got the cold the night I stayed up to 3:30 am writing my final assignment for LW&R.) About seven miles outta Moscow, going up a decent little hill, the ole Soob starts to sputtering. The last time she did this we were headed to class and work. I push started her and drove the car like a feed truck. No problems since then. Well, she died 3/4 of the way up the hill. Did I mention the fog? Well, it was darn foggy. To boot, the 'lectrical garbage kicked out. No hazards to warn others. A kind gent from Genesee, Brent, stopped to help out. He gave Liv a flashlight to start flaggin people so they didn't hit us. One feller that did dang near hit us felt bad, stopped and gave Brent a tow rope. We towed the Soob to the top of the hill, the whole time we were going I let the clutch out in 3rd and it'd run. When we stopped, so did the Soob's engine. But as we had crested the hill, I told Brent we'd try roll starting it. Off we went. The Soob fired right up and we were off! Well, for a few hundred feet. She died again and I pushed her into a local grain grower's front yard. We tried jumpin her and off she went like a rocket! Brent followed us back to Moscow. What a good fella.
Just got off the phone and the mekkanick down at the Subaru dealer. Hellifiknow is basically what the boys are saying. Battery checks good, alternater is alternatin, starter is starting and all systems are go. Hopefully this little mystery gets solved.
By the way, the picture was the scene outside our apartment. I'll be darned if it didn't snow a bit. 'Course I talked to dad and he said it was sunny and sixty in the big B town.

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