Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got a hankerin for a Jones...

So half my family is in Texas. That is where my older sister, Kresta, lives. Mom, Dad and Riley's Family went down there to witness Jeremy's baptism and Ethan's blessing. Jeremy is Kresta's oldest boy, Ethan is her most recent addition. I just can't believe that time has gone by that fast! I remember when Kresta brought Justin home for the first time! I also remember the first time I babysat Jeremy. Man, that kid had lungs! He just kept crying, so I loaded him up in Mom's car and drove till he fell asleep, somewhere north of Paul. Course, he might have been crying because of the insane amount of baby powder on his rear. I changed his diaper (the first one I had ever changed) and I remembered that you're supposed to put powder on the bum. The only powder I had was for my calf-ropin ropes (it makes the rope soft and fast). That is what he got, but I didn't know how much to put on... Well, the kid turned out alright, despite that mistreatment.
Some of ya'll won't believe this, but I just got back from working out. Crud, am I sore! I am not the physical specimen that I once was... I can't even lift my arms up over my head. Dadgum...
Last night Olivia and I had the sweet opportunity to view a film that I think is most worthy of an Oscar. That's right, Napoleon Dynamite. I still love that flick.
For those of you not around Moscow, the weather was cruddy yesterday, but this morning has been quite enjoyable.
As the title suggests, I am really craving a cold Jones Soda, but it's too early in the morning... Shout out to JTP III.

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