Monday, October 23, 2006

I swear I am not that OLD!

Yesterday I sat in a chapel in Oakley. I had been in the chapel before, but never had I felt so old. I was there to hear a friend say goodbye before he leaves to serve the Lord in Independence Missouri. He did a wonderful job speaking, and the meeting was quite uplifting. The funny thing is that he is one of my school chum's little brothers, so the kids in the crowd were mostly younger. The best part is that I can remember seeing a lot of those kids in diapers! That made me feel old, but I also felt the wonder that I felt almost six years ago, sitting in that same chapel. Were is my life going? What am I doing? These questions can be answered pretty easily, but there is still so much to them that I just don't know. It made me a bit trepidacious. At the time I knew the answers to those questions, graduate, go serve a mission and then get to college. Now I am getting ready to graduate from college and I feel that smae wide-eyed wonder. I know some of the answers, and a bit about the journey, but I still get butterflies in my tummy.

Oh, well. I am tough. The other thought I had was that there were people that were in that room that remember me in diapers, so it isn't that bad. I had to laugh when I introduced myself to a brother there whose son was good friends with my older sister. He didn't really recognize me, but as soon as I introduced myself he remembered me. He told me that I had grown, it happens.

I guess what I am getting at is that I feel so strange sometimes. I am caught in an interesting time in my life's history. There is so much to come, but I feel like I have seen so much. What a wonderful blessing. I get to write the story of my life right now, I am in control of that story and how it plays out. Granted I cannot control everything, but I know that I can do what I can. I reckon that is all a feller can ask some days.

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