Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lobbyist? or Just Plain Nuts

Most of you who know me know that I might be a bit off my rocker. I am crazy, like a fox... Yesterday I had the pleasure of telling people about my experience as a lobbyist intern in Boise. I was only planning on a nice 10 minute presentation. My proffessor had other plans. I started my ramblings with a sweet power point and off I was. I could see people nodding off and eyes glazing over. Now, you all know that I like to have attention if I have prepared something and so I used my vocal dynamics and a hint of verbal abuse to keep people awake. I just wish I had the knack that Bad A has for keeping people interested, he is a pretty good teacher. Much better than the kids here at school. No offence to them but I have not had a Sunday School teacher as good as Bad A here in the land of Iceburg.
Anyhow, I had done my power point and was still feilding questions, an hour later! What impressed me is how easily the answers came to my mind. I guess when you live something it sticks... I'm not gonna lie, I kinda liked speaking. In fact if I could come up with more to say to people I would speak more... Maybe. When I was done it was nice to hear compliments from teachers. That is always good. It was even better to be complimented by my peers. One of them said that I changed his opinion on government. I felt pretty good about that. I guess that it all goes back to the old saying "Whatever you are be a good one." Even if it is a sly fox...

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JTP III said...

Thanks for the props. The only reason people paid attention was because I was giving away the answers to the Celestial Kingdom Final exam.