Friday, September 08, 2006

My First "Free Write" For English 315.

-I should start of by saying that I am McCord Larsen. I am the youngest of four children and only single son of William Brent Larsen and Holly Helen Matthews Larsen. I am in the 24th year of my life. I entered this world on the 24th of September 1982 in the town of Twin Falls, located in the county of Twin Falls in the state of Idaho.

I came into this world without much, and I suspect that I shall leave it with about the same. However, my manner in arriving was not so common. I was born a month early and had RH factor blood. I don’t remember much of the event, but the doctors gave me 4 blood transfusions and told my parents that if I did live I would be abnormally small and perhaps mentally handicapped. Well, I would like to say that I am 6’2” and I weigh in at 245lbs. Doctors are not always right. The jury is still out on the latter of the two assumptions about my life.

Mother has always said that I was put on this earth to do special things. She says that it is not a mistake that I survived and I am trying to prove her right through gaining an education and making something of myself. Although I can see that I might not change the entire world at once, I hope that I can adjust the spaces around me for good. Isn’t that basically the purpose of this life, to make things just a bit better than you find them? Create a place where children can grow and become good people to do the same and help those around them. I think that is partially the meaning of this existence.

It might not sound like much to people who do not have time to help their brothers and sisters along on this journey. In fact I will bet that some of you reading this think that the author is crazy, perhaps he does not perceive reality. No one helps each other anymore, right? It is dog eat dog out there, right? Well just try this: try helping others out, maybe just one time a week or once a day. See how your world changes and then let me know who the crazy people really are and how your reality has changed.-

Hey folks, lemme know what you think of the above. It is what I handed in for a free write. I hope it has the effect I desire... Have a great day!

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