Monday, August 28, 2006

True Friends...

I once heard a wise cowboy say that a true friend will ride with you 'till hell freezes over, and then a little ways onto the ice.

Lemme tell you, I have a good amount of friends that fit this catergory. Some of you are far away and some are right around the corner. Some of you have been my pal since diapers, 6th grade or High School Rodeo. Some of you haven't known me very long at all in our lives, but we fit together pretty good. Some of you I see all the time, some of you I haven't seen for years and some of you I won't see 'till I walk through the veil.

I just want to tell all of you: THANK YOU! You have supported me in all that I do, and told me I was foolish when the time was right.

The reason for all of this is because this past weekend was a neat trip for me. I traveled to Utah to go to Blake and Lillian's wedding. (Kinkin to Anchan: AISHITE IRU YO!) They were sealed in the Bountiful Temple. I would like to tell the world just how beautiful Temples are. It is the closest you can get to Heaven on earth.
Any how... It was neat to see two people so in love. You could just see the love between these two great people. I've known Blake for 5 years, he and I started and ended our missions together and we served together in a great town, Aizuwakamatsu. All of you who are my friends can thank Blake for teaching me how to be as nice as I am... Lillian I have only known for about half a year. I knew her first from Blake telling me about her on the phone. He told me she was a really nice girl. He was right. She is awesome to people. They show love to people and they bring out the good in each other and those around them. How neat is that?

It was good to travel around and see some new things. But it is noce to be home. The only bad thing is that I leave again soon. School starts the 5th...

Any how- To all my friends, old and new: Bless you and thank you for being there for me. I love you all.

-Yeah, It's okay... I love you!


Kristen Small said...

McCord! How's it goin? Just kidding, I just read this blog, and now I know!! My little baby sister is just starting at BYUI this semester, so if you see her around will you keep an eye out for her? youre the best, I am glad things are going well for you, good job at soon to be finishing school!

JTP III said...

It has begun

Jones sodas ... is there anything they don't know?