Friday, August 18, 2006

We be travlin'

Another adventure brought to you by Big Mack and Bad A.

Bad A and I took off to Rexburg on Thursday night. Why? I think you all could guess... Well my buddy Jared needed some boxes to move with, and I hauled them up there. It also gave us the opportunity to stop over and go dancin'. Oh YEAH... I must make a disclaimer, before certain people say I am a "player." I most certainly am not out dancing to "get action." (I explained to Bad A that I started out dancing as a way to meet girls. HOWEVER, I was a bad dancer and the girls I was meeting thought I was a clutz, no dates resulted. I kept going, as I am a determined soul, that I could learn more how to dance. Over the years my skills have increased. Now I don't go dancing to get dates, I go to dance. Its a heck of a work out! I do enjoy making my partners work and they usually leave with a smile. Bad A pointed out to me that every girl he saw me dance with left with a smile on thier face. I must be doing something right... But I gotta keep practised up, 'cause I am sure that one of these days I will have the opportunity of dancing with one of my favorite partners -Yeah, It's okay.-)

So we danced up a storm. Bad A met some girls that will probably inspire him to travel to Rexburg to visit me while I complete my last semester. That is right, I only have ONE left! Wahoo! Sorry, I get a bit pumped up. I am glad I will finally have something to show for my time in the City of Ice.

I must say that I probably scared my future roomates with my current look. I visited the place that will be my home for the next four months. The door was open and I just walked in like I own the place. The kid that was there looked at me like I was nuts (no one is debating that...). I told him and the manager, who showed up in a few minutes, not to worry because they wouldn't recognize me the next time they see me. I will be clean shaven... Not really looking forward to that, but all good things must end...

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