Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Groundhog Day???

One of my favorite movies, you can't help but love Bill Murray. But if it weren't for the love of my life keeping things interesting, I would have a rough time telling what day is which. You see, I am checking out dehumidifiers that a friend bought from China, they are all supposed to have leaks... Not so... Any how, there are fifty of them and I have been checking them out, kinda three at a time, the same thing over and over. However, I have had some great days.
Christmas was great. I got some sweet Nihon teki gifts. It was pretty neat. You have got to love having family and friends that understand who you really are. I am one lucky fellow. I just can't get over that.
Actually went skiing for the first time in a while last night. Went with Bad-A and the Brothers Preston. (Olivia went shopping with her family...) I had a sweet time. I am even thinking about getting a new pair of skis, you know, if you don't have the equipment, it is hard to get to the mountain to go. I found a sweet package deal from the local ski shop for a couple hundred bucks, Atomic flex bindings, and Atomic skis. Pretty nice, but it is hard to justify buying skis, you know?
I guess you have got to have something to do when its too darn cold to rope.
I am looking forward to having some of the family home this week. The 30th is Davis's birthday, the 31st is Riley's, Justin's is the 29th, Risa's is today and Jay's is the 1st of January. Crud, March must be a busy month. (Wink wink...)
Anyhow, hope that where ever you are, life is good and all is well.

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