Monday, October 09, 2006


I am actually learning things at college. I know that should be an obvious statement, but sometimes I feel like I am gaining stupidity. Today was not one of those days. I more than one thing happened that shows me that I am gaining in brains. We were talking about absolute truths in political science and applying the scientific method to prove these truths. In the "hard" sciences you can prove truths by performing experiments on a hypothesis and recording results. These experiments should be replicable.
As we discussed this, I had a revelation for myself. The reason it is more difficult to see how things will go, all other things being equal, in society, is that in hard sciences there are laws that the organisms must obey. They must because that is their nature. Man and countries have no absolute rules on this earth, only agency. The ability to choose what will be done. Granted, consequences are never up to the person who performs the act. There is more to what I am saying, and I would expand, but I think it would best be understood on a one to one basis.
I hope that those of you reading this are doing well. I understand how bleak things can be. Life seems so hard and tough. Things go wrong, like I say, "It happens." Just remember that somewhere out there in Idaho a cowboy thinks the world of you. Have faith in your beliefs and doubt your doubts. It's okay, huh?

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