Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sometimes You Win...

And of course sometimes you lose. I am talking about the elections here in Idaho that occured yesterday. I will have to say I am a bit disappointed. I know it may sound like philisophical gobbledie-gook but I have seen results and they make me hang my head in shame a bit. I am mostly disapointed for my old boss, Norm Semanko. I would have thought that the people in the 1st District would be a tad bit smarter and see that he was the man for the job. The problem is that he may not be slimey enough to represent them. Norm is a good upstanding man and very trust worthy. He does a great job in his work as an attorney and as the Exec. Dir for the IWUA. He gets things done. I learned a lot from him as I watched him handle the issues of his campaign as well as the work of the IWUA. You'd think folks would want a guy that can get things done in office, and maybe Bill Salli will, I just had hopes for Norm. I think the people of the 1st District missed a great chance to have a good man go to bat for them in Washington. I guess it could be worse, it could have happened in my home District, the 2nd...

The County Elections were almost as disappointing. I think the downfall here is that we base too much on who a person is, not what he can do. I like the fellas that got elected for County Commisioner here in Cassia, but just because I like them doesn't mean that I think they will do a great job. I would just look at what they have done (or haven't) for the County. However, I guess enough people think they are doing a good job and they got re-elected. I just think a little change would do some good.

No surprise was the race for Governor. Go Butch! A freind of mine said this morning, "He may be a womanizing drunk of an idiot, but he is OUR womanizing drunk of an idiot!" I think what he meant was, yes Butch's morals might not be the greatest, but at least we go into the deal knowing he is that way. He does move and shake and can speak the lingo of the folks back in DC as well as be downhome in Idaho. I think he will do alright.

All in all I guess the best part about the election is that I cast my vote. I tried to have my voice heard. Some of the folks I voted for got elected, some didn't. It doesn't sadden me or make me bitter. Why would I be mad, I did my civic duty and now I can still voice my opinion, even though I might have chose some losers, I still chose. Did you get out and vote? Well if you didn't then keep your trap shut! Your vote could've changed things! Every vote counts and for people to sit by and do nothing and then complain because it isn't going the way they want, I say to hell with them! Appathetic people are the kind of folks I can not stand. Don't just sit there DO SOMETHING!

Remember, all it takes for Evil to triumph is for Good men to just stand by and do nothing.

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Joe - "The Cat Whisperer" said...

I Believe in voting but it is irrational to vote. Try reading some of Anthony Downs stuff on voting. Your vote doesn't count!