Monday, May 22, 2006

My Parents are Cooler than Your Parents...

Okay, so that may sound like a pretty loud statement, but it has got to be true. Why? Because my Mom just left for Europe tob there 20 days, she will see 7 countries and have tons of fun. It is her birthday from my Uncle Vance and Aunt Joan. They are also taking four of their grandchildren, which Mom is sort of doing the nanny thing for them. They flew out yesterday and they should be in Frankfurt by now. Uncle Vance has a friend (Max) from Hawaii that speaks 7 languages and he is originally from Romainia. He wants to take a gal there who is one of his friends to see some of the opera scene. She is 28 and a good performer and Max wants her to see some things that may inspire her.

Dad just left for Park City this morning to film a comercial with some famous golfer. I will tell you who when the commercial airs, I don't want to get in trouble for leaking information... But Aunt Linda is producing the comercial, I think. Dad took a golf buddy with him. The information Aunt Linda said was that they needed some guys who looked like they golfed that were from the ages of 30 to 55. Both Dad and Kelly golf and off they went. I think they will get $100 for their trouble. I just hope it isn't a Levitra commercial...

I am working at the Shop, of course. The weather is nice and sort of a good cloud cover. I would post a picture of me and my new style, but Mom took the camera with her. I have a Fumanchu and burns down past my ears now... I kinda look unkept, but it makes for some fun times. I got to go to Conner Creek Junction Saturday and rope at the Sam Adams Arena. It was pretty fun. The view from thier place is pretty cool. You really can't beat being out there. Sam is a nice guy, good family and some quick cattle.

I hit the first of the Summer Series ropings put on by Dan Kidd. I didn't do any good. I wasn't roping too hot. But I had the chance to talk to a fella, Merv, who always has some good advice and he is a heckuva roper. He said I need to stop analyzing myself so much, just get in postion and rope. I tried to do that at Sam's but the wind was blowing into me when we would turn left... So maybe I will try tonite, it is Monday and Family Rope Evening.

In other news: I am reading the Da Vinci Code. Yes, I like it. Saw the movie and I liked it as well. I realize lots of folks criticize both, mostly the movie, but it really doesn't matter. I just take things for what they are worth. You have got to remember, IT IS FICTION PEOPLE! My goodness!

Yeah, and Branch Conference was yesterday. The Stake Presidency spoke. It was pretty cool. It is always good to hear and be somewhat chastised. I think I will be a bit better person for the whole experience.

So, if you think your parents are cooler than mine, that's okay, this isn't a contest in any way shape or form. But I know my Dad is tougher than your dad, so there...

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