Monday, February 13, 2006

Reckon I should do a bit of clarification

I hope that everyone can see that this morning's post was a bit negative. I sure didn't want to come off that way. I want ya'll to know that I am doing pretty good, and I forgot to include some good things that happened this weekend. First off: spent quality time with mom and dad. That is priceless. Dad and I just about cooked ourselves in the hot tub, 109 is a bit too hot... Mom and I had ample time to chat. I got a chance to ride Tiny. Dangdest thing happened: I split my pants open right down the front. First pair that I bought when I got back from Japan. They lasted over two years (let's see some sissyfied city-boy pair of pants handle that much livin'!). Also had a heckuva good time with an old friend. You never know how much you miss somebody 'till thier gone. It was good to chill with a real good friend. We headed up to the mountains, saw a herd of deer in Albion and checked out the full moon from the lookout spot on the way up to Pomerrell. It was great to talk to a good friend. Sunday morning I got to go to church with Mom and Grandma Matthews. What a treat. I love my Grandma. Not only that but in Mom and Dad's ward I got to hear two great talks. I realized as I heard these talks why I am who I am: my mom and dad. They gave wonderful talks. Very uplifting, and I also got to sit next to Grandma Larsen. Good day, how can you beat going to church with your grandmas? Pretty tough. Hope all is well with ya'll and that the sun is smiling on your day. Good luck and God Bless.

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