Friday, February 03, 2006

Some folks go a bit too far....

I chose not publish a comment that someone made on my blog, why? Because they didn't leave a name: if you have something to say KEEP IT CLEAN and RELATED and then leave your name with it. Any how....
It has been a while since I had the time to tell everyone what I have been doing... I attended the Idaho Water Users Assn. Water Conference. It was fantastic, for a conference it wasn't bad. You know you can always learn something! I have been helping get ready for another conference that we will be putting on for pesticide applicators. This one will be good and I will get to go home for a day or two. Then we'll head to Jerome and back to Nampa.
Mom told me that I was on TV the other night. I attended Norm Semanko's formal announcement for his running for Congress in the 1st District and the camera caught a glimpse of me. GO NORM!! Norm is a good man from what I know and the association I have had with him so far. Shoot I figure the more folks we have like him in the world the better off we'll be.
I would really like to throw a line out to all my friends that I kinda miss: you all know who you are and I hope all is well for you!

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Lindsey said...

Hey I hope Im one of those friends!
Hope everything is going well.

talk to ya later
take care,