Monday, January 23, 2006

This is one SMALL world!!!

So, I sent a good freind off on a mission. She is headed to Okalhoma City, and I wanted to get her address as I didn't have it. I called her mom and she was in the process of looking ofr it when she asked me where I was from. Of course, everyone knows someone from Burley, and as luck would have it, she was actually from Burley! She graduated about the same time my folks did and she knew mom and dad. She mentioned that we were DISTANT counsins, I say that so that folks won't think I am nutty for "writing" to a sister missionary that is my cousin... It's not that close. ANYHOW: work is going good and I am helping get ready for our big conference this week (to find out more about the conference check out I have made all sorts of copies and booklets. NICE. I want to tell you paperwork is not my favorite thing in the world, but hey, whats an intern to do? Right, you just bow your head and do whatever. If any of you reading this want to, feel free to leave commments!!! I haven't seen any yet. Anyhow, I hope all of you are functioning well and enjoying life. If you're not it's your own fault!!!


Casey Kennington said...

This is a small world. Everone does know somebody from Burley. It just so happens that you, McCord, are the only one that I know who is from Burley. I like your blog. It allows me to get out of Provo without getting out of Provo.

Joe Preston said...

McCord I just jumped on your site and read what was up. It sounds like life in Boise is treating you well. I like your blog style.I am having fun at BYU. It is a pimping good time. I hate the homework though. I guess I should get me an internship and just do paperwork rather than homework. Take care man and PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!