Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Human Rights Day!!!

That is a Holiday for some of you, but not me. I don't mind though. Good day to get some decent work done. I am scheduling conference dates for our Ditchriders and Pestcide Applicators. Tons of fun... I went over to the State House, or as a coworker calls it the Great Wind Tunnel, and sat in on the few meetings that were going on. I missed a perfect opportunity to take a good picture of a protestor, thats right I said 1 protestor. Her sign said "Impeach Bush and Cheney!!!" She was all alone and wasn't making a ruckus, I hope freinds showed up later to add support, but I did't notice any on my way out, back to the office. A great photo opportunity missed... Zannen da yo. So downtown is free parking on holidays, in case you didn't know.
OH YEAH, this weekend Chad and I went out to Black's Creek with some of his freinds and some girls and went shooting. We had a few 12 gauges and a 22 pistol as well as a Bereta 40mm. Fun stuff. I may have to get into that stuff. I was shooting the Bereta and I couldn't hear ANYTHING. It was sooo loud, but it was fun. Chad also bought a used Bereta 40mm, it is a sweet feeling pistol, quite nice indeed. I know he got a great deal on it, but I just don't see myself dropping $500 for a gun anytime soon, I'd rather spend it on entry fees and fuel to get to the roping.
Also went out dancing at the Cowgirl in Kuna. I know it's a bar, but it's was the best option for going dancing. Yeah, so they played one song and some girls climbed up on the bar and started dancing. At this time I felt a fist in my back. I turned around to see an old roping buddy. He looked at me and said "I'm tellin your dad I saw you here!" Course, I told him that the strongest thing I had to drink was a water. He asked who I was there with I looked around for my date, she was on the bar dancing!!! Nothing vulgar mind you, but it was quite the shock to the system. Fun night, oh boy!!! We had quite the time dancing and we danced quite well together, I would have to say. That is the first thing I think that matters about a girl, after the usuall things; can she dance? Not only that but can she dance with you? Don't worry kids, nothing serious and I am not replacing my old dance partners (you know who you are). I just need somebody to dance with in the Treasure Valley...

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