Thursday, May 01, 2008


I decided to go green with my blog, seeing how that is the new hip thing to do. I tell you what though, truth is I was green long before this whole movement started. I grew up riding horses or my bicycle where ever I went. I even got a little green on my face when I got bucked off the horse. These days, though, everything is "going green."

To be honest, I don't know if I like it. What do all the other colors think? Has anyone considers that maybe blue and yellow are feeling a little over used and under appreciated? How about red, you never even hear red as an option any more. The only red you see zipping around is the firetrucks, what if they went green? That'd sure be a lot of towns needing new paint for the fleet. Black is simply out of the question, cause it is dark and scary, although some folks sure like to wear a lot of black, but I think they get balked at. Those folks aren't exactly wearing black cause of a funeral or cause they are in the Japanese mafia, I don't even think it is because they like Johnny Cash, although I haven't asked 'em. Heck if those folks started wearing green, things could go crazy! UPS lately has been driving brown trucks for as long as I have been alive, I sure hope they don't change to green, that would throw off the wildly popular marketing scheme of the white-board with brown marker. Those are good commercials, keep 'em coming!

If you sense a little bit of apprehension for all this going green, just remember that there is usually a reason why things catch on: money. Money is also green in our country, at least it used to be, till we got these new fangled bills with all sorts of funny pictures. They tell me its to keep folks from copyin' the bills, but who knows, I think its just cause some people like new wallpaper.

I think this green trend was started by Jim Hensen, with Kermit. I doubt he was thinkin' that it'd catch on like this, but it sure has. Kermit was right though, it ain't easy being green. Just ask the feller who ate organic food all his life; a pal told me a story about a feller who ate pretty much what all the cows eat, just stuff that was green. When the doc pronounced him dead folks asked what killed him. All's the doc said was "He died of natural causes."

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