Thursday, June 19, 2008

Luke and I went shooting...

So, this afternoon Luke and I headed out to find somewhere to go shooting, besides Helmer, since it is so far. Well, we ended up out there, because it is kinda the place to go. Luke was breaking in his new Browning .308. I was trying out some of the loads I worked up last night, while waiting for the bats to leave (pictures forthcoming).
We shot all we had to shoot by 7:00. Then a fella pulled up in a darn good looking Dodge Cummins. He had a bumper sticker that read: God Bless Our Troops, Especially the Snipers. He had a bench rest in the back of the truck and we figured he was okay. He asked us what we had been shooting and then said, "You wanna shoot a real gun?"
With trepidation, we agreed. I told him I would catch heck for being late, but he said it would be worth it.
He pulled out the gun cases. In his hard case was a AR-style .50. He told us he'd shoot one and let us. He flinched when he pulled the first time, w/o firing, then said, "I have to do that, just to get the jitters out."
"You see that rock in the sunshine above the bush?" "Yeah." (It was 120 yards). BOOOOOM!!!
The rock busted into peices and tumbled.
He handed it to me, with a smile. I loaded it, pulled it to my shoulder and then remembered the safety. I had no idea where it was. "Just like an AR-15," Mike says. Since Aaron has one, and I have shot it, I knew where the safety was. I clicked it off. Deep breath. I was aiming for a rock above a bush that I thought was 20 feet up the hill.
BOOOOM!!! I felt the kick, not too bad, but the concussion from the shot hit me right between the eyes. The feeling reverberated down my body.
The rock was actually about 40 feet up. What a rock slide! It was awesome!
Luke took his shot. BOOOOM!!! Dadgumm.
That was one fun gun to shoot. We thanked Mike, of course now we introduced ourselves. He was from Moscow. A native, and a darn good fella.
Our smiles said it all. Mike said it was almost more fun to watch people shoot the gun than it was to shoot it.
So, the load of his ammunition was 220 grains of pulled military powder with a 700 grain bullet. In comparison, I shoot a 130 grain bullet with about 4.3 grains of powder. In the picture above this post is one of Luke's .308's. The next round (middle) is the 50 BMG. The far left is a snap cap.
Way too much fun!

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