Friday, July 04, 2008

The 4th July

Chris LeDoux pegged my feelings about the 4th. So did Johnny Cash. I use the lyrics from their songs here, to give you some of my perspective:
4th of July Rodeos:
Just about two hundred years ago they signed that declaration
Tellin' everybody in the whole wide world they're gonna start a brand new nation

From that day on the 4th of July has been a holiday
To the rich man poor man and everybody but the cowboys in the RCA
Well I get on the phone and call the airlines rent-a-cars and Greyhound stations
Cause I've entered bout thirteen rodeos out across the great big nation

Got the car tuned up the tanks full of gas I've got money in my hand

And if I ain't overdrawn by the end of the week at the bank
I'm a lucky man

It's the 4th of July on the rodeo trail and it'll drive you insane
My wife's worried home by the telephone I'm on the road again

It's the Forth of July on the rodeo trail if I ever make it home I swear

I'm gonna to hang up my hat put up my riggin' sack
And for a month I'm gonna stay right there

Well I've been on the road about three days now and I haven't had a minutes rest

There's dark circles all around my bloodshot eyes and my face is now a whiskered mess
Boy I'd sure like a bath and a home cooked mean but for now I must be satisfied

With this double super-duper half cooked burger

And a side of grease soaked french fries

Well the week's nearly over and I wonder to myself will I ever make it home alive

When a bronc fell on me up in Calgary when he slipped tryin' to make his high dive
And the plane and the pilot that we rented looked like surplus from World War I
And I thought any times about suicide but I haven't found myself a gun

It's the 4th of July on the rodeo trail...
Ragged Ole Flag:

I walked through a county courthouse square
On a park bench, an old man was sittin' there.
I said, "Your old court house is kinda run down,
He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town".
I said, "Your old flag pole is leaned a little bit,
And that's a ragged old flag you got hangin' on it".
He said, "Have a seat", and I sat down,
"Is this the first time you've been to our little town"
I said, "I think it is"
He said "I don't like to brag, but we're kinda proud of
That Ragged Old Flag

"You see, we got a little hole in that flag there,
When Washington took it across the Delaware.
and It got powder burned the night Francis Scott Key sat watching it,
writing "Say Can You See"
It got a rip in New Orleans, with Packingham & Jackson
tugging at its seams.
and It almost fell at the Alamo
beside the Texas flag,
But she waved on though.
She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville,
And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill.
There was Robert E. Lee and Beauregard and Bragg,
And the south wind blew hard on
That Ragged Old Flag

"On Flanders Field in World War I,
She got a big hole from a Bertha Gun,
She turned blood red in World War II
She hung limp, and low, a time or two,
She was in Korea, Vietnam, She went where she was sent
by her Uncle Sam.
She waved from our ships upon the briny foam
and now they've about quit wavin' back here at home
in her own good land here She's been abused,
She's been burned, dishonored, denied an' refused,
And the government for which she stands
Has been scandalized throughout out the land.
And she's getting thread bare, and she's wearin' thin,
But she's in good shape, for the shape she's in.
Cause she's been through the fire before
and i believe she can take a whole lot more.

"So we raise her up every morning
And we bring her down slow every night,
We don't let her touch the ground,
And we fold her up right.
On second thought
I *do* like to brag
Cause I'm mighty proud of
That Ragged Old Flag"

May we never forget what this country really stands for.
I have only been to a little bit if the world, but I think I have seen enough to know that we really do live in one of the greatest countries in the world. Tonight, I walked out on my balcony and shot six .357's in the air. I can do that to celebrate our independence because I have the right to bear arms. I am writing this because my right to free speech. I stay informed of what is going on in the world because of the freedom of the press. I bow my head wherever I am and pray because I have freedom of religion. I vote for my leaders. I can be heard! What a great country. I love America and I am proud to be AN AMERICAN.

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