Monday, November 17, 2008

Been a while...

Let me catch all ya'll up on what has been going on. Olivia is feeling better, although she is still pretty dang tired and wants to sleep most of the time. She has been very busy with school and doing a great job at balancing all the things she needs to get done. I am proud of her, and I hope she knows it.
From all accounts, Blueberry is healthy. I call the baby "Blueberry" because that is how big it was when we found out for sure that Olivia was pregnant. Olivia says she thought she felt it move the other day, which is neato.
I have been busy with school, but what else is new? The good news is that I am learning things. The bad news is that it is probably not enough. Work has been crazy busy, as people are stocking up for the new administration. Nothing like fear of your own government to help you purchase a high capacity firearm. But I don't blame any of our customers, if I had a few thousand dollars sitting around I think I would build an AR-10 and buy all the .308 that I could afford. .223 is nice, no recoil and it will go a ways, but I would rather punch a hole that knocks things down, to keep the fight at a distance. No, I am not afraid of a war busting out any time soon on our soil, but I do believe the motto of the Boy Scouts is not out of date. It is amazing to see how bothered people are on one hand and how elated others are. I could start a rant here, but I won't. For one thing, telling people in person what I think is safer for me and for those around me, and it is more fun to watch people's reactions.
We are not traveling home for Thanksgiving. We found out last year that when vacation hits, Moscow isn't such a bad town, and since we live further away from town, we don't mind all the students much anyhow. I plan on getting out into the woods to see if I can find a buck, whitetail season closes on Dec. 1. We also might look for some turkeys. From what I have heard, turkey huntin' is a downright hoot. I am also pondering getting a trapping license, but we shall see.
I would like to give a shout out to the Oakley Hornets for thier so far undefeated season! I am looking forward to seeing them play on Friday at the Kibbie Dome.
Well, peace out for now, keep your stick on the ice...

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