Friday, April 03, 2009

The Name Game

So, we are about six weeks from the arrival of our new boy. Crazy! I bought him a .22, called the Chipmunk, it is made by a company in Lewiston, so it is kinda neat. No I won't be giving it to him soon, but the price was right.
We are thinking about using the name Harrison Walbridge Larsen. Harrison is a family name on the Matthews side and Walbridge was Grandma Jean's middle name. I really respected her and think it would be neat to have him carry her name. We are thinking about calling him Bridger, or Wally (my idea, not Olivia's). Tell us what ya'll think. Vote in the poll!
We might also be toying with the name Maxwell Cash, or Clarke or some variant. We will need to see him before we give him a name, but so far H.W.L. is kinda looking like the idea... More to come soon, including belly pictures...


linds said...

I like Bridger! That's my vote!

Nicole said...

I love all of those names! Good choices. Harrison Walbridge Larsen (Bridger) is a good, solid name. That's my pick.