Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby news

Before I get into the baby q & a, I just want to say a little something about McCord. Last night after a blessing and uncontrollable vomiting (TMI warning: I puked so hard it gave me a bloody nose. That's gotta be one for the books), I woke Mac up around 1:15 am and told him we need to go to the ER. It was happening again, and I couldn't stop. We got dressed, woke Harrison, and took off. After admission into the ER, the nurses took urine and blood samples. By this time it was about 2:30 and even the staff was looking a bit weary. The nurse told me that we had come just after they had three critical patients arrive around the same time, were stabilized, and released into another wing. This was a three hour process. She also said there were people waiting in line to be seen, but went home because they had waited for so long. I guess two in the morning wasn't so bad after all :)
Anyway, I again have a UTI but no other concerns. My fluids were stable and the baby is just fine. I'm taking antibiotics and a magical little pill to control nausea. All is well. And thank heavens for modern medicine. I can't imagine how women do without so much, how they survive without medicines. It is simply a miracle. I really thought if I monitored my food and water intake much closer that this would not happen. But I hope this is the last time I have to do that.

I just want to say how much I love McCord. I knew he was exhausted but still took care of me and the boy, even in the wee hours of the morning. We didn't get to bed until after four. Luckily, he had no appointments until the afternoon so he cared for us and ran to the store and pharmacy for me while I slept. It just really puts into perspective how blessed I am for finding such a wonderful man. Heavenly Father knew what we both needed and brought us together for the long haul. I love him so much, and I keep telling him how sorry I am for this. And I may even feel a little guilt for being so helpless. He usually gets upset and tells me to stop saying those things. But I really feel so much gratitude for his patience with me and willingness to care for me even when he's wicked tired. I love you muchos!

Ok, now on to the babe. I haven't seen anyone yet, but I'm due mid-September. That puts me around 11 weeks. The nurse searched for a heartbeat last night, but the darn thing kept moving around. I'm not too worried as this happened with H-bomb and he was perfectly healthy. So hopefully we will have some photos and more details to share in the next few weeks. We had to start telling family early because everyone was suspicious. The flu bug for four weeks and the prescriptions weren't helping? Yah, that didn't last for long. And of course, once one person figured it out, there was no secret any more.

I have been much sicker with this one than I remember with Harrison. Did anyone else get more sick the next time around? I keep telling myself it will all be fine and eventually I will feel healthy and energized again.

We are so excited to expand and bring another sweet spirit to the earth. I love being mommy to our funny little boy. I can't help but feel so much love for this one already, and really hope that I enjoy this journey more than I did before. I completely understand why some people choose to have so many children. They are truly the source of happiness and humility. My only worry is that one child may feel neglected over the other, and I won't notice. But of course that comes along with the usual stuff like, "Will I ever be able to shop again? Will I be able to have friends and a social life? There's noooo way these are gunna fit... Goodbye Nordstrom Rack clothes" and so on. I find confidence in watching other families, especially ones with small children. I really do love my family and the opportunity to be a mother. It is such a blessing to be able to bear and rear them, without too many health concerns :)


John said...

Glad you are having another child. You all will be in our prayers. Much Love, John & Shirley Maier

Casey and Jessie said...

I hope everything looks better for you in the future! I'm sure it will get easier! Congratulations on baby fun!