Monday, February 07, 2011

Yes, it's true, I broke my resolution.

As you have already guessed, my new year's resolution went down the drain. But, I am not giving up hope that I can still continue and be successful. I've decided Sundays are not good days to update. We're tired, cranky, and hungry. So, I'm going to update sometime during the week. Maybe shorter but more frequent posts will be better? Let's give it a go.

Mac has been getting up way too early for court and I'm about ready to call them and tell them he's not allowed to have court before 10 am. He wakes early, hence I wake early. Not cool.

(Two headbands, one shoe, my iPhone, and smeared chocolate. This kids livin' the life.)
H-bomb has been throwing all sorts of tantrums and most times I don't know how to handle them. It's quite frightening as a mother when you can't figure out how to calm your child. Moms, give me some discipline tips. We've got to find something that doesn't make both of us start screaming and crying. And he still bangs his head when he's mad. How do I get rid of that?

Other than that, he's a pretty helpful guy. He has emptied three tubs of baby wipes in his efforts to be a big boy. While I generally appreciate his desire to contribute, I don't like buying all those extra wipes. And he loves to clean with our toothbrushes. Those get expensive, too.
Most mornings he asks to watch "howrse". What's that, you ask? It won't be anything you'd imagine relating to most equine shows. And the strange part of it all, he will sit and watch the rest of the show. He loves to dance to all the music, and scorn all the actors. And he generally gets upset if I stop the movie short, as if he really follows the story line. So, what is this captivating movie?

Why, it's BBC's Pride and Prejudice of course. I think he calls it howrse because of the opening scene, where Darcy and Bingley ride across the field to view Netherfield. That's the only reason I can think of. I even tried showing other horse themed movies, but he was not impressed.

I have been chasing the boy around. And also my sister. She plays high school BBall, and the season (thankfully) just ended. So in between games, school, and work she asks to practice driving. Again, thankfully, she just got her license. Which is great because Harrison LOVES his aunt Sara. Two weeks ago she baby sat him while we went to the movies (In case you were wondering, we saw True Grit; it's a good show). For the next week, he would ask about Sara all day, everyday. At breakfast, he'll point at the window, squint his eyes and say "sawah" in a sad and longing voice. In the middle of crashing his trucks, "sawah". It's died down a bit, but every so often he asks about her. What a punk.
I've also been practicing a bit more because I have been called as the primary pianist. It's actually a fairly easy job, especially if I've practiced. And it's repetitious, so even if I'm not familiar with the song, I will be by the end of singing time. The only thing that makes me nervous is the Sacrament Program, but it's too early to worry much about that.

There's also this stray kitty that won't stop meowing at our back door. I let her in once and now she won't give up! Last night she climbed up our screen door and pushed through a small hole in the screen to get into the house. She was successful. Now, it's a big hole. And McCord might have permission to shoot her. Might. She is generally sweet and affectionate, but more annoying than anything. I will give her one point because Harrison can kick, pull, strangle, and otherwise maul her and she's still nice to him. No claws, no hissing, no swatting. I'm sure she would make a great pet. Anybody want a cat? Cause we sure don't....

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