Monday, March 14, 2011

Short and Sweet

As you may have guessed from our month long absence, I have not begun to feel better. Still nauseated, my veins are throbbing, and I get horrible headaches that sometimes leave me dizzy. Not to mention the exhaustion. I thought these things went away during the second trimester? Now, I'm not trying to sound whiny, but seriously, I'm am so mentally over this part of pregnancy. It's not enjoyable, nor do I look forward to progressing if these shenanigans don't stop. Two weeks after my first UTI a second came 'round. I kind of think the first one was never fully gone. Thankfully, I learned to act quick before things got out of hand. Another dose of antibiotics and I'm good to go. I called the Ob-gyn's office to make an appointment and guess what they told me? The doctor did not have a new ob patient opening until April 19th. I would be twenty weeks by then! This just will not do. I just need to see the doc and have him tell me everything is healthy and normal. I really don't think there is much cause for alarm, but somedays I do get a bit worried about the baby. I feel like it's right under my belly button, but that seems too high for how far along we are. I would just like some conformation for worries put to rest.

Harrison has been acting way out of whack. He won't put himself to sleep, and screams if anything does not go his way. Everyone keeps telling me it's the terrible twos, but I feel like it came outta nowhere! All he wants to do is watch movies, which is partially my fault for those weeks spent on the couch. The poor kid has been so neglected. But with the sun returning and warming temps, we have been outside more and we both feel better.

My sweet baby sister came over tonight and brought dinner. Mac is outta town for business until tomorrow, and today was a very nauseating day for me. So he sent her over to take care of me

Most excitingly for me, I have been chosen to be part of my local scrapbook stores Design Team. Each month I receive a paper packet and a challenge. I have two weeks to design four or more projects, to which they are turned in and displayed at the store. As an extra bonus, I get to preview all the new goodies coming in! Mac is a bit worried, because my crafting budgeting has been growing and growing. But I can stand within reason and still push the creative edge. So, you will see some of my projects posted here on the blog, and on their Facebook page. I will try to be better at taking pictures along the way so there's not too much confusion with instructions :) We will have blog hops and other fun challenges throughout the year. Feel free to hop in even if this is not your thing!
Next week, I am going to start working on a Halloween home decor project I've had brewing in my mind. I know it's early, but Halloween projects are due right around my due date, so the more I can do now, the better.

I just have to say again how excited I am for this! 2011 is going to be a great year! We have already been so blessed, and we continue to feel the optimism and hope we are striving for.

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Brittany Erickson said...

Hey, its Brittany. You serisously need to see a doctor and get on medicine. My pregnancies are the exact same. I am practically dead to the world. With Paige, I threw up every single day. With Carson, I got on Zofran and it was a night and day difference! You need to see a doc!! Good luck guys!