Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Boy

Mr. Harrison is growing wildly. It must be this farming land. He loves it. He asks to go outside every morning, even if its freezing. And if the screen door is not locked (he can unlock the other door), he's out there. Boots on, no coat, and driving his trucks. Later in the afternoons we jump and play on the trampoline. Boots on, no coat, and chasing the bouncing trucks.

These photos are from a little photo contest my friend Summer put on FB. We didn't win but really appreciate everyone who voted! We could not get him to smile at all. He must have been in model mode :)  

Here's what the little stinkbug has been doing lately:

- he loves chicken nuggets and frequently wants them for breakfast and lunch
- he also asks for ice cream at breakfast. We instead have an egg. He cracks them for me to put in the pan, and gets the bread into the toaster.
- loves apples and grapes with honey roasted peanut butter. I leave prepped servings in the fridge and he can get them whenever, although he still asks me to get them.
- loves to count and sing his version of the alphabet. Neither are correct, but the concept is growing.
- points out all the tractors, trucks, trailers, horses, and cows as we drive
- lines up all the toy trucks, trailers, and cars as he plays with them, resorting to throwing everything on the couches and beds to the floor
- will not wear anything but his cowboy boots
- and must wear a belt
- wears 2T clothes, mostly
- bites us or blows raspberries to get our attention
 - he also grabs our hands to guide us or pushes our feet and legs to 'help' us get where he wants us to be
- watches 15 minutes of a video before taking it out to watch 15 minutes of another. Repeat 10 times with ten movies
- loves to brush his teeth with everyone's toothbrushes and comb his hair forward with a brush while trying to shave with McCord's electric razor
- does this fake 'hah hah' laugh when he thinks we should be laughing, usually at the end of one of his stories
- has come to be much more concerned about Madelyn's well being
- loves to snuggle and be swaddled. He'll bring us a blanket and say 'harson taco'.
- As he watches sports with Grandpa Brent he'll say 'C'mon C'mon' when the action gets exciting. It's hilarious!
- will identify family members in pictures. He gets especially excited about seeing mom :)

His clarity and vocabulary are starting to blossom, which has been awesome! He will often repeat something we'll say without prompting, so I know things are finally clicking in the speech department. I've finally come to realize he needs LOTS (as in more than the average child) of constant repetition in order to understand the concept I'm trying to teach. I don't think he's challenged or slow in any way, just needs that extra encouragement and security.

We love him so so much! And I am especially grateful for his love and patience with me. Being a momma to two is not all that difficult, but balancing time and priorities has been so hard. I always feel like some one is being neglected; Harrison, Madelyn, McCord, me, the laundry, dinner, craft time, quiet time, nap time, etc. I know it takes time, but I am seriously ready for that time to be now.

Harrison is such a blessing to our family and I am so excited to see what else his little character will bring!

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